RMIT Fleet vehicles – Service and maintenance

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Service and maintenance of RMIT fleet vehicles

Telephone: 1300 780 097

It is important that you are driving a safe and well maintained vehicle at all times.

To achieve this, it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is serviced at the intervals nominated by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

To obtain servicing or maintenance for the vehicle, simply call and book it in with your local service provider of choice.*

When booking in the vehicle, advise the repairer of the work required and notify them that the vehicle is managed by Smartfleet.

The repairer will then contact Smartfleet to obtain an authority number prior to performing any work.

This ensures that all work is performed to the right standards, full warranty entitlements are obtained and pricing complies with Smartfleet negotiated rates.

The following items require authorisation from RMIT’s Fleet Manager:

  1. Interim services between those nominated in the vehicle’s service book.
  2. Options/accessories (i.e. tow bar, roof racks)

All invoices should be forwarded to Smartfleet by the repairer for processing and payment.

To ensure ongoing reliability and safety, please check the vehicle’s tyre pressures, oil and coolant levels regularly.

* Smartfleet has service agreements with over 7,000 service centres throughout Australia. In the event that your service centre doesn’t have an agreement with Smartfleet, Smartfleet will set up a service agreement with your preferred service centre whilst the vehicle is being services.


Check the tyres regularly

Apart from checking the vehicle’s tyre pressures regularly (including the spare), it is important for you to monitor the tread depth and wear pattern on the tyres.

If the tread wear is uneven, it is likely that the wheels require alignment.

In this case, book the vehicle into one of our accredited tyre suppliers to have the wheels aligned. As with all servicing and maintenance, notify the supplier that the vehicle is managed by Smartfleet.

All tyres have built in tread wear indicators. This is a bar which appears across the tread. If the tyres have worn to the tread wear indicator they must be replaced promptly. It is advisable to replace the tyres when they are very close to the tread wear indicator.

Smartfleet tyre suppliers:

  • BobJane T-Mart - 132 625
  • K-Mart Tyre & Auto – 1300 772 579
  • Beaurepaires – 132 381
  • Bridgestone Select – 131 229
  • Tyres 4U – 1800 722 822

Batteries and windscreens

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Smartfleet’s national suppliers for batteries and windscreens provide 24/7 service.

In cases where roadside replacements are required, contact one of our accredited repairers for batteries or windscreens.

Whenever windscreens or batteries are replaced or repaired, it is important to let the Accredited Repairer know that the vehicle is managed by Smartfleet. All invoices for work carried out will be sent directly to Smartfleet for processing and payment.

Smartfleet battery and windscreen suppliers:

  • Marshall Batteries – 1300 627 742
  • Novus Windscreens – 132 234
  • O’Brien Glass – 1800 645 011