Blackbaud NetCommunity usage procedure

Intent and objectives

To establish the standard for acceptable use of the Blackbaud NetCommunity (BBNC) product.


This procedure applies whether the user is situated on University campus or at a remote location within Australia or overseas.

This procedure applies to all users who have access to BBNC, including staff, alumni, contractors, and other individuals or organisations who have been granted access.




Principles of use

Operational and supervisor access will be granted only to staff within Alumni and Development and ITS.

There may be a need for staff in other business units to gain access to the system as a Content Manager for a dedicated alumni network site relating to their business unit. Business units requesting such access for their staff must submit a business case supported by their PVC to PVC, International and Development. If approved, use must be within a prescribed environment that is safe.

All users must be trained in the test environment prior to access being granted on the live site (access to the test site can be provided whilst training is being carried out). This training can be provided by Blackbaud or internally by Advancement Services staff in RMIT Alumni and Development.

All costs associated with access (software installation, training, IT and Communications) will be funded by the home cost centre of the employee seeking access.

Conditions of access to services using NetCommunity

Services are provided for the sole purposes as contained in the RMIT Alumni Community Statement of Purpose

Requests must be submitted via a Service Request Form. Alumni requests are to be submitted to, fundraising requests are to be sent to;

Electronic communication released through NetCommunity must be approved by the Alumni and Development management team;

Release of all bulk communications to alumni or donors must be sent by Alumni and Development;

Individual email addresses will not be released to internal or external parties;

No individual who is part of the Alumni Community should receive more than 2 pieces of unsolicited electronic communication per fortnight;

Release of bulk communications to Alumni or donors must be sent via Alumni and Development who will ensure that the communications comply with the Spam Act (Cth).

User prerequisites

To maximise potential of NetCommunity and to ensure proper usage, certain conditions must be met by all users.

New Internal Users

The following conditions must be met prior to user access being granted:

  • Need for access has been adequately demonstrated and access approved by the PVC International and Development;
  • User is proficient in the RMIT corporate desktop environment and associated applications;
  • User has successfully completed BBNC basic training.

Existing users

For existing users to be granted increased levels of security access, the following conditions must be met:

  • Need for increased access has been adequately demonstrated and approved by the Director Alumni and Development;
  • User has successfully completed one-on-one or group training on new functions;
  • User has been made particularly aware of the legal ramifications that may result if usage of the program is compromised or privacy breached;
  • Review of access and usage to be conducted after a one month period to determine if on-going access should be granted.

Temporary internal users

The following conditions must be met prior to temporary user access being granted:

  • Temporary user access has been formally approved by Director, Alumni and Development;
  • Temporary user login has been created and security settings amended to reflect the specific nature of their task;
  • User has successfully completed one-on-one training on their specific task;
  • User has been made particularly aware of the legal and data integrity ramifications that may result if data is compromised or confidentiality breached;
  • Temporary password issued to user (this will be changed at the completion of their task to ensure no further access can be gained).

External users (e.g. Alumni Network Representatives)

For external users to be granted access to NetCommunity (as either a Content Manager or Data Manager for a network site relating to their role), the following conditions must be met:

  • Approval of Network site granted by Director, Alumni and Development;
  • User responsible for content management or data management has successfully completed basic training;
  • User has agreed in writing to abide by all RMIT policies and procedures relating to the use of BBNC.

Support and service

Services provided to the RMIT Community

Given that most individuals across the University will not have direct access to BBNC, RMIT Alumni & Development will be responsible for the provision of the following services to relevant academic and non-academic staff:

  • Release of all bulk electronic communication to alumni, including newsletters, fundraising campaigns and other approved communications;
  • Statistics on email effectiveness, including numbers opened, click throughs and donations generated;
  • Statistical analysis of online community members;
  • Management of registration and payment facility for alumni, industry engagement and fundraising events;
  • Promotion of alumni related news and activities through RMIT Alumni and/or the monthly alumni newsletter;
  • Release of other approved targeted newsletters;
  • Release of survey and poll information.

Privacy legislation and confidentiality

All RMIT employees are bound by the Privacy policy at RMIT, which is based on the Information Privacy Principles prescribed by the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic).

Breach of confidentiality

If an employee fails to comply with the RMIT Privacy Policy or related legislation RMIT may take the following action:

  • Refuse to provide further information or services;
  • Restrict access to BBNC for one or all staff in the relevant business unit;
  • Remove of access to BBNC;
  • Disciplinary and/or legal action for serious matters

Security and access

Security access in BBNC will be relevant to the role of the individual and their responsibilities. Increased security access may be granted if there is a demonstrated business need and the user is deemed by the Manager, Advancement Services, proficient enough to skilfully use the new applications.

Alumni and Development and ITS staff will have access to the administrational components of the program.

All individuals with access must work within a prescribed environment that is secure, and must log out of the NetCommunity product when away from their workstation.

All financial transactions received via BBNC? BBNC will be processed by the Advancement Services team in accordance with FSG policies and procedures.

All changes to the configuration of BBNC will be actioned by the Manager, Advancement Services, in conjunction with ITS.

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