Managing your research

Manage your research data and organise your references and documents as you search. Ensure you remain current with new research throughout your project.

Manage your references

The EndNote reference management program helps you

  • store and organise references found during a literature review,
  • insert citations into your documents, and
  • create bibliographies in the required referencing style.

The Library offers sign-up ‘EndNote for beginners’ and ‘EndNote “Drop-in” – beyond the basics’ classes. The PhD Up! program for higher degree research candidates includes an ‘EndNote and Word: cite while you write’ session.

The Library has guides for most of the major referencing styles used at RMIT.

Additional help

The Study and Learning Centre’s Learning Lab: Referencing provides further guidance with integrating referencing into your writing.

Keep up-to-date with the latest research

Save your searches and set up database or search engine alerts so that you are informed when new references matching your research are added to the database.

Most major databases allow you to set up alerts, but they vary in the type of alerts they offer.

For further details refer to the guide ‘Staying current with your research’ or consult your Liaison Librarian.