04 September 2013

IT Service Desk requests are seamless with myTechSupport

myTechSupport has replaced the IT Service Desk email function and offers a more interactive experience in resolving IT queries.

The form guides you through the process of submitting queries, is more efficient than email, and makes sure we gather the information that we need to act on your query.

Bookmark myTechSupport for easy access.

Once you have submitted a myTechSupport form, you can update your query or track its progress through the Customer Portal. While on campus you can login to the Customer Portal and be able to see any current requests you have logged under Your Calls.

To track or update your current request, select Review Past/ Current Calls, enter your call or incident number, and select options such as Add a Note to your Call, or Attach Object to your Call.

For further assistance, contact the IT Service Desk.

[Source: Russell Van Sanden, ITS]