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Reviewers play a key role in the peer review process.

The first thing to remember as a peer reviewer is that you are providing evidence for applications – not providing formative peer feedback. The peer review process is compulsory and identical for applications for an individual RMIT Teaching Award.

Your role is to document how the teacher demonstrates effective practice in relation to the dimensions of teaching that have been agreed upon in the pre-observation meeting. To do this well, you must put aside how you might have taught the class and concentrate instead on qualitative and quantitative evidence of good teaching aligned with the dimensions of teaching and their indicative strategies.

The peer review may be used to apply for a teaching award for two years from the date of the observation. Applicants are permitted one peer review per calendar year, and must use their most recent review report in applications.

Please read over all the sections of the peer review website to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the process.

Who are my main contacts as a peer reviewer?

You will be in contact with the Education Portfolio, which oversees the process, and with the applicant whom you will review. All your communication with the Education Portfolio about peer review is to be conducted through the email address

What teaching formats are permissible in peer review?

Peer reviews must be face-to-face observations conducted on one of the University’s Melbourne campuses. All face-to-face teaching formats are accepted, including lectures, workshops, seminars, studios, tutorials and lab classes.

How many peer reviews will I be expected to do?

There is a general expectation that peer reviewers will complete two reviews per semester.

Do the other reviewer and I work as a team?

Two peer reviewers are allocated by the Education Portfolio to each review. You may be allocated as a college reviewer (i.e. from the same college as the applicant) or as a more general teaching and learning expert. You do not work as a team with the other reviewer – you must not share opinions on the peer observation and your reports must be completed independently.

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