Acceptable terms of service for social media channels


Instruction statement

This instruction advises on the suitability of Terms of Service for social media platforms to become RMIT-affiliated social media channels. It ensures a high standard for RMIT’s social media presence through use of only the most robust, secure and transparent social media platforms.



Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



1. Account creation

1.1 To be considered as an official RMIT channel, check that the social media platform allows:

  • users to choose their own username and alter their passwords;
  • forgotten usernames and passwords and user names to be emailed to users;
  • disqualification of duplicate accounts with the same email address;
  • the service free of charge to users

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

2. Privacy and copyright

2.1 Consult RMIT’s Communication with Current Onshore Students Policy and Privacy Policy to assess if the Terms of Service complies with the University’s principles of transparency and fairness for the management of personal information of students and staff.

2.2 The platform’s Terms of Service must also align with the University’s Moral Rights Policy, Privacy Policy and Managing Movement between Social Media Channels Procedure.

2.3 The platform should offer:

  • options to hide or block other users, subscribers or third party applications;
  • privacy controls, in particular how content or personal details are viewed by other users

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

3. Third parties and advertising

3.1 The social media platform should not allow:

  • third-party applications, developers or networks to take advantage of user images, contributions or names in advertising services;
  • user information to be shared with or sold to third parties;
  • commercialisation of the service in a way that impacts on users and their information

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

4. Technical and browser compatibility and accessibility

4.1 The social media platform should:

  • support a wide variety of computers and browsers;
  • not require unnecessary plugins or scripts to operate;
  • allow equal access to the service for all users

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

5. Training and support

5.1 The social media platform should feature at least one (preferably more) of the following:

  • online training modules;
  • user guides in a print-friendly format such as PDF or sequence of web pages;
  • email, online or phone help;
  • user forums;
  • an FAQ section;
  • a glossary of key terms

5.2 The platform should also:

  • display a commitment to the ongoing development of online safety;
  • notify users of any changes to the Terms of Service

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

6. Ethical conduct and abuse reporting

6.1 The social media platform should include:

  • ‘report abuse’ and ‘report spam’ functionality;
  • options to ban obscene and inappropriate content

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

7. Takedown and account closure

Terms of Service should enable quick takedown or deletion of inappropriate content or accounts, as outlined in the Managing Inappropriate/Unauthorised Users on Social Media Procedure.

RMIT staff

Before a platform is approved

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