Cancellation of enrolment due to non-attendance of classes - VET instruction

Instruction statement

This work instruction outlines the procedure schools should follow to cancel a student’s course enrolment and discontinue their program when the student has not attended any scheduled classes and not formally cancelled from their program.

Cancelling student enrolments for non-attendance:

  • assists schools in accurately assessing profile targets
  • reduces potential attendance errors where students are incorrectly marked as attending a class

This process only applies to students who have not attended any classes and is to be implemented at the school’s discretion. The school must demonstrate that every attempt has been made to contact the student before they can be cancelled. A minimum of two attempts should be undertaken including a formal communication by letter and a follow-up email/telephone call.

Students whose enrolment is cancelled by the University due to non-attendance will forfeit their place in the program.


This instruction applies only to domestic Australian students in VET programs, and excludes all other types of students and programs.

Instruction steps and actions




Step 1: Identify student

Run TAFE Enrolled Hours report in SAMS to identify students who have never attended any classes in their enrolled program.


Within the first month of scheduled delivery, but no later than one month prior to the first census date

Step 2: Communication sent to student

School to send communication to student in the form of a letter to remind them of the cancellation process.

The student will be advised that if they do not cancel by their first class census date their enrolment will be cancelled by the University and they will forfeit their place in their program.

Census date lists for TAFE classes

Students should be contacted at least twice including either a follow-up email/telephone call.

The school must demonstrate that every attempt has been made to contact the student without success before the student’s enrolment can be cancelled.

All contact attempts must be documented and retained on the student file.


No later than two weeks before first census date but preferably earlier

Step 3: Cancellation

List of students to have enrolment cancelled is sent to .The preferred method is via a spreadsheet.


No later than five working days after census date

Step 4: Processing

Student’s course enrolments are dropped and the program discontinued using the following program/action reason:

Program Action: DISC – Discontinuation

Action Reason: DNAT – Did not attend classes

Action Date: The first course census date


Within 48 hours of receipt

Step 5: Notification to School

DMS will notify School via email once data is processed and complete.


Within 48 hours of processing data

Step 6: Notification to Student

A letter confirming cancellation of enrolment and program is sent to the student.


No later than 10 working days after enrolment has been cancelled

Step 7: Filing

All communications including contact attempts and a copy of the confirmation of cancellation letter must be retained on the student file.


Within two weeks

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