Add the referencing website link to your Blackboard

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This set of instructions will outline how to create a course menu button with an external link to the referencing website.

  • From the control panel in your Blackboard select Manage course menu from the Course options area.
  • On the manage course menu page, you will see the menu button items for your Blackboard.
  • In the add course menu area at the top of the page, select the add external link button on the right hand side.
  • On this page, insert the word “Referencing” for the name that will appear on the new button.
  • Cut and paste this URL into the URL field.
  • Select the “Open in a new window” check box
  • Select Submit, return to your course and check your work. The new button will appear with the text “Referencing” and will open the website in a new window when selected.