Telephone services - mobile phones

RMIT University recognises that some staff require the use of a mobile phone to carry out their duties effectively. Typically these staff meet one of the following two criteria:

  • Need to be contacted urgently and/or after hours to conduct RMIT business
  • Are regularly out of the office, and not easily contacted on a landline.

In view of the costs associated with mobile phone services, an arrangment has been made with Mobile Network Pty Ltd via Telstra to supply RMIT with mobile phones. A range of ITS pre-approved phones have been selected to cater for the different requirements of staff.

ITS will manage the centralised billing process of call expenses and charge back these costs to each cost centre on a monthly basis.

Staff requiring further information about mobile phones are encouraged to refer to the follow links:

Note: While any staff member can view the handset options, only cost centre managers are authorised to place orders.