Course Title: Establish systems for the development and monitoring of building and construction costs

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C0033

Course Title: Establish systems for the development and monitoring of building and construction costs

Portfolio: DSC

Nominal Hours: 50.0

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City Campus


325T Property, Constr & Proj Mgt


Course Contact: Vince Raso

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Course Description

This unit is design ato facilitate, implement and maintain a construction costing sytems that is developed in accordance to a organisational project planning system.

Upon successful completion of this model students will be able to implement and maintain systems concerned with costing and developed methods to monitor actual cost whilst establishing the fundamental information that essential to the construction costing process. Studnet will gain indepth knowledge of how to cost and monitor  a development to ensure budgets are adhered to whilst evaluating the ensuring accuracy and conformance to project policy. Students will have a clear understanding of the quality control procedures and sound financial foundation towards project principles and practices that are applied to the costing process on a daily basis

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Students must have completed both:

Plan & Design construction operations (BUIL 5841) &

Direct Risk Management (BUSM 6151)

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

BCGBC6011A Establish systems for the development and monitoring of building and construction costs


1 Identification & quantification of Strategic factors impacting on construction costing process

2.Ability to design and manage a project planning and cost system

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop a sound knowledge towards the application of management practices which result in a high level of understanding towards effective cost development, cost control and the ability to manage and monitoring cosying systems.

The subject is designed to increase a students ability in addressing conceptual and strategic problem solving towards building and nmaterial costs with a project and for a student to be effective verbal and written communicator with respect to presenting costing systems. Studnet will posses the skill and knowledge to develope a system that allows reconciliation of project cost, invoices for progress payments against work completed and review or maintained company project records and performance for a specific costing project.

Overview of Assessment

This assignment is designed for group work and will evaluate your skills to prepare a development submission with detailed costs and evaluations in two stages. This unit of competency could be assessed on evidence of the development and implementation of the organisational construction costing system. This should include relevant aspects of the monitoring process, to ensure the continued financial viability of the organisation

Stage 1
• Establish a list of all possible material required to develop project.
• Outline & Identify planning and design cost
• Establish stages of costing and development

Stage 2
• Definition of the project. (Executive Summary)
• Methodology and assumptions (this must follow the relevant guidelines, government policy etc)
• Statement of price basis (long term basis)
• Probabilistic aspects of benefit estimates (such as construction better drainage systems).
• Treatment of sensitive demand forecast (decrease forecast)
• Optimisation of timing.
• Financial analysis.

Breakdown of Assessment

Written content & research 40%
Costing and Schedules 35%
Presentation, Finding & Recommendation 25%