Inclusive teaching


Meeting the potential of every learner within a ‘diversity of learners’.

Inclusive approaches to teaching give educators the means to address the needs of every learner within a ‘diversity of learners’.

This resource has been developed as part of the Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project, a Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Programme (HEPPP) initiative.

It provides educators with guidance and resources to effectively integrate an inclusive teaching approach into their practice.

Pedagogical approaches which support the notion of inclusive practices, together with the guiding principles for inclusive teaching, and resources from the inclusive conversation series provide a framework from which to plan and reflect on practice.

About inclusive practices

Understanding the value of an inclusive teaching approach.

More about inclusive practices

Guiding principles

Guiding principles to support an inclusive teaching practice.

Inclusive conversation series

Workshops that have been run to promote discussion around what it means to be inclusive.

Guide to resources

Resources to assist educators plan and implement inclusive teaching approaches.

Inclusive teaching

Resources for teaching

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Inclusive Teaching Project final report

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