Course Title: Develop personal management skills for work

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2012

Course Code: EMPL5910

Course Title: Develop personal management skills for work

School: 365T Global Studies, Soc Sci & Plng

Campus: City Campus

Program: C1071 - Certificate I in Work Education

Course Contact : Elizabeth-Anne Cotter

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4870

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 80

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

In this course you will be exploring the skills and knowledge required to identify, develop and apply personal management skills to be able to prepare for participation in work settings and in the wider community.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

VU20439 Develop personal management skills for work


1. Identify areas of
responsibility in own
personal life.

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Outline current and potential areas of personal
1.2 List strategies to increase and maintain independence
1.3 Describe the impact of work on independent living
1.4 Name appropriate persons or services who can assist with
increasing and maintaining independence


2. Develop strategies to
promote self

Performance Criteria:

2.1 List the components of self confidence and how they affect
personal life and work
2.2 Outline appropriate ways to develop and maintain self
2.3 Recognize possible barriers to the development of self
2.4 Identify the relationship between self confidence and life skills and work
2.5 Name self development needs to gain and maintain work


3. Create a personal skills

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Identify skills gained formally and informally
3.2 Seek feedback on skills from appropriate persons
3.3 Assess skills and interests and identify strengths and
3.4 Develop a personal skills profile
3.5 Investigate transferability of skills to different situations


4. Develop problem
solving and decision
making skills for work

Performance Criteria:

4.1 Define the problem or decision to be made
4.2 Identify decisionmaking
4.3 Determine possible solutions
4.4 Make and implement a decision
4.5 Identify sources of assistance


5. Maintain personal
health and hygiene

Performance Criteria:

5.1 Meet presentation requirements in formal and informal
5.2 Establish a daily personal hygiene routine
5.3 Identify the elements of good personal health.
5.4 Use strategies to develop good personal health
5.5 Describe the impact of personal health on employment
5.6 List resources for assistance with personal health issues

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course you will have developed and applied the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate competency in the above elements. 

The course will develop the following skills:

- communication skills to identify and discuss strategies to increase personal independence and
self confidence, develop good personal health routines, communicate with support workers and
seek feedback on own skills.

- problem solving skills to identify barriers and possible solutions to increase independence and self confidence

- language and literacy skills to identify and access support resources and develop a personal
skills profile

· self management skills to identify strategies to increase and maintain independence, self
confidence and personal health

· teamwork skills to work with others to identify self development needs in relation to life and work

Details of Learning Activities

In class learning activities will include:

Role Plays

Group discussions



Teaching Schedule

The teaching schedule is presented in a timetable format. You will be given a timetable for your program

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Assessment is ongoing throughout the course and will include the following:

Short answer written work



Assessment Tasks

To demonstrate competency in this course, you will need to complete the following pieces of assessment to a satisfactory standard. You will receive feedback on all assessment.

Assessment task 1 - You will complete a personal management plan for 2012

Assessment task 2 - You will be observed while demonstrating your workplace skills in decision making and appropriate personal presentation

Assessment task 3 - You will answer some questions on personal responsibility, self confidence and personal health and hygiene

Assessment task 4 - You will do a self assessment by completing a personal skills and interests profile

Assessment Matrix

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