Course Title: Use computer systems

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C3178

Course Title: Use computer systems

Portfolio: DSC

Credit Points: 0

Nominal Hours: 30.0

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

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Learning Mode

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Brunswick Campus


320T Design (TAFE)

Face-to-Face or Workplace

Course Contact: Anthony Witham

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9422

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Course Description

This unit covers basic computer skills and requires the individual to perform basic functions on a computer. Use a computer work station with at least TWO software applications relevant to the printing industry and a web browser, to perform a variety of computing functions, access and save files, in accordance with the listed performance criteria

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

ICPSU281A Use computer systems


Perform computer / terminal functions

Use a stand alone computer / terminal correctly

Learning Outcomes

  • Correct posture at the keyboard is adopted according to OHS
  • Data is correctly accessed to ensure no loss of data
  • Data is manipulated correctly to ensure access, retrieval and storage of data
  • Keyboarding technique is safe and meets the speed requirements of the job, if necessary
  • Data is accessed, saved and retrieved for reference and for amendment.
  • The appropriate program is selected for the job to be undertaken
  • Mouse and / or keyboard functions are used correctly to operate the computer system
  • Features of applications are used correctly to deliver a specified output
  • Data is saved in correct format and file location
  • Master pages, templates and style sheets, as appropriate, are used consistently to ensure data is the same after exchange or transfer

Overview of Assessment

  • Students will be given a number of tasks and response sheets to complete correctly to the performance standards expected.
  • Students must achieve competency in all aspects of the assessment.
  • This competency needs to be authenticated by your teacher to gain a pass in this topic “Which means that any student who starts on day one and turns up on the last day of delivery to hand in work completed externally will not achieve competency”.
  • Students enrolled to complete this competency “On the job” must keep a log book in which each exercise and response sheet completed is signed by the student stating that this was their own work and completed at their place of employment. The Supervisor / Trainer needs to authenticate that the student’s statement is true and correct.