Course Title: Prepare, load and unload product on and off machine

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2008

Course Code: MANU5750C

Course Title: Prepare, load and unload product on and off machine

School: 320T Design (TAFE)

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C3178 - Certificate III in Printing and Graphic Arts (Printing)

Course Contact : Paul Ross

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9422

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 30

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

There are no pre-requisites for this unit, however, it is an integral part of a machine operator’s role and is delivered together with other units such as:

ICPSU203A Prepare and maintain the work area

ICPSU207A Prepare Machine for operation (basic) and

ICPSU208A Operate and monitor machines

Course Description

This unit covers the handling, loading and unloading of product on and off machines used in the printing industry.  It deals with safe handling practices, correctly identifying printing substrates, assessing the suitability of the substrate for processing, preparing the substrate and maintaining the supply of the substrate to the process.

It will also cover the correct set-up of feeder and delivery sections of a machine and the correct handling procedures for removing the product from the process.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

ICPSU202A Prepare, load and unload product on and off machine



1.   Prepare product

2.   Load product onto machine

3.  Unload product off machine

Performance Criteria:

1.1  Job sheets or equivalent are interpreted correctly

1.2  Product is located and prepared to meet job specifications

1.3  Product is positioned correctly to the machine to meet job specifications

1.4  Faulty product is visually identified and removed according to OH&S requirements and enterprise procedures

2.1  Product is loaded according to OHS requirements and manufacturer’s and enterprise procedures and specifications

2.2  Area around machine is cleaned during and on completion of loading

3.1  Product is unloaded according to OHS requirements and manufacturer’s and enterprise procedures and specifications

3.2  Product is prepared (hand-stripped, stacked, wrapped, labelled) for next process according to manufacturer’s and enterprise procedures and specifications

3.3  Product is stored according to manufacturer’s and enterprise procedures and specifications

Learning Outcomes

Product can be identified correctly, assessed for suitability and loaded accurately onto the machine.  The addition of the product to the process is maintained to ensure efficient running at sustained production speeds.  The feeder and delivery sections of the machine are set and adjusted to ensure register, delivery and/or correct stacking of the product while maintaing the quality requirements of the job.

Paper characteristics such as; watermarks, grain direction, gsm and absorbency are identified and taken into account to meet requirements of the job.

The skills acquired on one machine should be transferable to another.  The OH&S aspects of the task such as lifting and carrying are followed accurately.

Details of Learning Activities

Learners work with different substrate types such as: paper, board, film, vinyl, pvc etc.
Interpreting information from a workticket is discussed and the correct substrate is located and prepared for the process.

Preparing and loading and unloading the substrate on and off the machine is practised.

This unit may be delivered on the job or off the job in a workplace simulated environment.

Teaching Schedule

Learners attend in 2 week blocks and are assessed over the full course of the program.

Learning Resources

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Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

Evidence for assessment may be gathered from assessment of the unit of competency alone or through an integrated assessment activity.

The assessment methods include:

  • practical tasks performed on a machine
  • completion of theoretical response sheets
  • correctly interpreting a work ticket as it relates to the task
  • performing calculations related to the amount of material required

Assessment Tasks

The individual will correctly prepare, load and unload product on and off machines according to OHS requirements, manufacturer’s / supplier’s specifications with minimum downtime.

Prepare, load and unload product on and off any ONE appropriate machine incorporating specific enterprise requirements; manual techniques; fanning, turning, jogging (where appropriate) and stacking; to job and workplace specifications according to the listed Performance Criteria.

Assessment Matrix

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