Course Title: Textiles Product Knowledge

Part A: Course Overview

Course ID: 030125

Program: C4050

Course Title: Textiles Product Knowledge

Portfolio: DSC

Nominal Hours: 108.0

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Brunswick Campus


350T Fashion & Textiles


Term1 2007

Course Contact: Barbara Kuczuk

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9145

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Course Description

To provide learners with skills and knowledge to:
• Assess the suitability of fabrics to product end-use
• Identify all the components and related costs, required for the manufacture of specific TCF merchandise
• Identify and plan production timelines.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


National Competency Codes and Titles


Assist In Prepar Of Prelim Design Concepts 01/


LMTPDCL01A/01 Interpret design brief within specified guidelines

LMTPDCL01A/02 Research relevant information within specified guidelines

LMTPDCL01A/03 Contribute to design concepts

LMTPDCL01A/04 Contribute to the presentation of design/s

RUAG5501BC/04 Implement marketing plan

RUAG5501BC/05 Evaluate the marketing plan


Select and/or modify patterns or blocks


LMTPDCL03A/01 Interpret the design

LMTPDCL03A/02 Select a pattern

LMTPDCL03A/03 Modify existing pattern

LMTPDCL03A/04 Test pattern

LMTPDCL03A/05 Maintain records


Participate On Production Planning Process 01/


LMTPRGN03A/01 Confirm production requirements

LMTPRGN03A/02 Gather specific production information

LMTPRGN03A/03 Participate in planning meetings

LMTPRGN03A/04 Maintain records


Coordinate External Quality Assurance 01/4


LMTQAGN02A/01 Assess external suppliers/customers

LMTQAGN02A/02 Liaise with external suppliers/customers

LMTQAGN02A/03 Check for conformance to specifications

LMTQAGN02A/04 Maintain records


Develop A Marketing Plan


RUAG5501BC/01 Determine business and financial requirements

RUAG5501BC/02 Obtain and analyse market information

RUAG5501BC/03 Develop marketing plan

Learning Outcomes

Refer to other parts of guide

Overview of Assessment

Learners need to demonstrate by means of a range of assessment tasks that they can:

1. Identify the attributes of the fibres used in the textile industry.

2. Describe yarns and count systems used in the textile industry.

3. Identify and describe fabric type and construction method for a given sample of fabric.

4. Create a fabric folio that identifies fabric name and definition, historical exposé, fibre content, yarn structure, fabric construction, texture, hand, drape, width, weight, country of origin, approximate cost and appropriate end-use.

5. Present by way of oral presentation, reports on fabrics.

6. Identify finishing processes applied to fabrics and garments.

7. Ascertain the performance expectations of fabric.

8. Research new fibres and fabrics and present via way of an oral presentation.