Course Title: Operate Video Editing Equipment

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: VART5661C

Course Title: Operate Video Editing Equipment

School: 345T Creative Media

Campus: City Campus

Program: C4112 - Certificate IV in Screen

Course Contact : Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4976

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Contact name: Trewlea Peters
Location: Building 94, level 2, room 35, 23-27 Cardigan Street, South Carlton
Phone: 9925 8011
Fax: 9925 4362

Nominal Hours: 40

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

Students will learn the skills and knowledge required to use off line video editing equipment to compile video and sound footage for any screen based production when using video tape as the medium. Editing involves taking all the elements of the production (picture, sound, music, graphics, animation) and assembling them into their final form.
Students will learn the fundamental principles of editing and how to develop those skills in Final Cut Pro, gaining a clear understanding of the non-linear editing process.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUFEDT04A Operate Video Editing Equipment


Assemble video footage and sound

Performance Criteria:

· Load the source tape into the player and the record tape into the recording machine
· Create or use an edit decision list (EDLs) throughout the editing process
· Identify edit points precisely and locate exactly by manipulating the editing equipment, utilising
time codes, as required
· Copy the required sequence from the source tape to the record tape
· Accurately compile the picture and sound into the required sequence, ensuring that they are
synchronised according to the appropriate documentation
· Ensure that the sound is recorded onto the appropriate audio track
· Integrate any additional picture and sound and effects into the compilation and ensure that the
soundtrack is in sync with the image


Complete work operations

Performance Criteria:

· Ensure the edit master copy is secure and not exposed to damage
· Organise duplication of the video tape, as required, ensuring the correct format and numbers of
· Label, file and store all relevant tapes, as required, according to enterprise procedures
· Identify faults in equipment and material and report as required according to organisational
· Leave the work site in the original or improved condition, ensuring that there has been no adverse
impact on the site


Monitor technical quality

Performance Criteria:

· Monitor audio levels and adjust to maintain the required signal strength
· Review technical quality of edited material to ensure that the required technical standards are met
· Recognise potential problems in the technical quality of the edited material and adjust, as required
by organisational procedures


Prepare to use the editing equipment

Performance Criteria:

· Clarify and establish timelines for the completion of various stages of the editing process to ensure
deadlines can be met
· Undertake all activities in accordance with occupational health and safety procedures
· Check video editing equipment to ensure it is operational and check for its functions, capabilities
and limitations
· Identify, report and resolve any faults and problems as necessary by organisational procedures
· Obtain editing consumable materials and ensure that materials are available in sufficient quantities
to meet the editing schedule and budgetary requirements
· Receive work/camera tapes, handle with care to avoid damage and check that all materials for
editing have been transferred to the appropriate medium with relevant time codes and labels
· Prepare work tapes in quantity to meet job requirements
· Complete any documentation required to document the receipt of tapes

Learning Outcomes


Details of Learning Activities

Demonstrations, class discussions, individual consultation and practical exercises.

Teaching Schedule

1 Orientation
2Introduction to Editing
3Introduction to Final Cut Pro – Interface, System and A/V settings, clips, bins & sequences.
4Preparing settings and saving a FCP project, importing files
5Setting In and Out points, editing a sequence, exporting.
6Basic Sound adjustments and editing
7Preparing settings and saving a FCP project, Log and batch capture, editing a sequence.
8Fine Tuning a rough edit – Filters, tools, broadcast safe, sound levels, print to video.
9Rough Cut
10 Fine Tuning
11Hand in task 2
12Edit Vox Pop
13Hand in task 3
14Rough Cut
15Fine Tuning
16 Hand in task 4
17 Preparing for post production in semester 2
18 Preparing for post production in semester 2

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Final Cut Pro HD for Mac OS X by Lisa Brenneis


Other Resources

Title - The technique of film and video editing : theory and practice /
Author/Lecturer - Dancyger, Ken.
RMIT Carlton General - 778.5235 D175

Title- Nonlinear editing : storytelling, aesthetics, and craft /
Author/Lecturer- Button, Bryce.
RMIT Carlton General -778.5235 B989 bk.

Title - In the blink of an eye : a perspective on film editing /
Author/Lecturer - Murch, Walter, 1943-
RMIT Carlton General - 778.535 M973

Title: The art of the storyboard : storyboarding for film, TV, and animation /
Author/Lecturer: Hart, John, 1940-
RMIT Carlton General - 778.5 H325

Overview of Assessment

This competency is integrated with CUFPOP14A Produce a pre-recorded program segment, you will edit three projects filmed in CUFPOP14A and will be assessed on technical skills and aesthetics of your assembled edit. Students will be expected to operate editing equipment and form an understanding of the principles of editing.

Assessment Tasks

File ManagementSystem and A/V settings, labelled clips, bins, sequences, folders and tapes. - 20%

Edit task 1 Preparing settings and saving a FCP project, importing, editing a sequence, export.
Rough cut only - 15%

Edit task 2 Storyboard and Logging sheet. L&C, rough edit, fine tuning, print to video.
Rough & Fine Tuned edit - 25%

Edit task 3 Logging sheet. L&C, edit a sequence and print to video.
Rough cut only - 15%

Edit task 4 Storyboard and Logging sheet. L&C, rough edit, fine tuning, print to video.
Rough & Fine Tuned edit - 25%

Assessment Matrix

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