Course Title: Assist clients to plan and access career pathways

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2011

Course Code: EMPL5754C

Course Title: Assist clients to plan and access career pathways

School: 360T Education

Campus: Bundoora Campus

Program: C4266 - Certificate IV in Career Development

Course Contact : Judy Heard

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 7513

Course Contact Email:judy.heard

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Nominal Hours: 90

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

Not applicable

Course Description

This unit of competency describes the skills and knowledge required to assist clients to identify their career aspirations and plan appropriate pathways to support their career development .

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CHCCDP402B Assist clients to plan and access career pathways


1.Assist client to identify career aspirations

Performance Criteria:

1.1    Work with client to identify work-related interests, skills, knowledge and values
1.2    Provide information to assist client to identify opportunities and options related to career aspirations
1.3    Discuss with client potential impact of career development in the holistic context of their lives
1.4    Discuss concepts of change and transition in the context of lifespan career development
1.5    Support client to express and validate their beliefs, values and opinions in relation to career development


2.Identify client requirements to achieve career goals

Performance Criteria:

2.1    Work with client to identify skills needed to effectively manage identified career development pathway
2.2    Assist client to understand the nature of employability skills and their importance in relation to achieving identified career goals
2.3    Assist client to identify decisions and actions required to pursue and achieve identified career goals
2.4    Work with client to identify their existing career competencies and employability skills and gaps to be addressed
2.5    Explore various employment patterns (part-time; contract; job share)


3.Identify career opportunities and resources

Performance Criteria:

3.1    Access available and up to date labour market and associated information to support client
3.2    Identify a range of opportunities and options available to clients in relation to achieving career aspirations
3.3    Assist clients to understand and apply labour market information to their work search and career objectives and decision-making
3.4    Assist client to identify education and training opportunities relevant to their interests, skills requirements and potential career pathways
3.5    Encourage client to take an innovative approach to exploring/creating opportunities for work


4.Support clients in career planning

Performance Criteria:

4.1    Assist clients to plan career development strategies
4.2    Work with clients to set career development goals, objectives and write action plans
4.3    Support clients to access services and information related to planning career development
4.4    Assist clients to clarify networking opportunities and requirements
4.5    Assist clients to plan and access relevant career development services as required


5.Assist clients in marketing their skills to employers

Performance Criteria:

5.1    Assist clients to prepare and present career portfolio and other relevant materials to highlight key skills and areas of interest
5.2    Support clients to present themselves effectively to potential employers through telephone and face-to-face interviews
5.3    Support clients to use networking opportunities effectively to market themselves to potential employers
5.4    Assist client to demonstrate relevant generic and specific employability and work-related skills


6.Maintain records and information system

Performance Criteria:

6.1    Document and report information in line with organisation information system requirements
6.2    Participate in desktop audit in line with scope of own role and organisation requirements
6.3    Ensure records are maintained as required to demonstrate accountability in line with scope of own role and organisation requirements
6.4    Ensure documentation aligns with associated system requirements of relevant stakeholder organisations in line with organisation requirements
6.5    Maintain confidentiality of client information and records in line with organisation requirements and privacy legislation
6.6    Maintain security of hard copy and electronic records


7.Follow up and evaluate services provided

Performance Criteria:

7.1    Follow up client in line with organisation policies and procedures
7.2    Evaluate client satisfaction with career development services provided
7.3    Identify issues or inequities in service delivery
7.4    Assist to identify new or improved services where appropriate to enhance service provision and client outcomes
7.5    Provide evidence to assist in service promotion and enhancement

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

Learning activities for this course, are prescribed in the Australian Career Development Studies materials. These activities require you to read, discuss with colleagues, complete short answer questions as well as participate in case studies based on your reading.

If you have negotiated  a workplace learning project as part of your Learning and Assessment plan, you are expected to access these materials to provide you with the underpinning  knowledge required in developing and implementing your project.

Teaching Schedule

This course is self paced and materials can be accessed online at a time that best suits your study schedule. You are required to  develop  your own study schedule that enables you to complete your study within the timeframes negotiated in your Learning and Assessment Plan.

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

There is no prescribed textbook for this course. Please see Other Resources below.


Other Resources

Learning materials for this course are available through myRMIT Studies or at the Australian Career Development Studies website -

Overview of Assessment

Students may demonstrate competency either  by RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning), the completion of work place projects or the completion of assessment activities based on the Australian Career Development Studies Level 2 materials.

Assessment Tasks

Recognition of Prior Learning - students undertaking RPL will need to provide evidence of their competency. Please read the RPL Kit and complete the RPL Ready!  mapping document  as the first stage of the RPL Process. You and your assessor will discuss  your  RPL Ready mapping and suitability for RPL. If you are using RPL as assessment for this competency, you and your assessor  once you have collected your evidence, will  undertake a structured professional conversation about your evidence in order to assess your  competency.

Workplace project assessment - students are required to provide a written report add/or presentation of your project showing evidence of your engagement with the elements of the competency, underpinning knowledge and use of appropriate skills.

Students undertaking study in this unit of competency are required to complete tasks that include:
•    the completion of  ACDS learning material activities
•    application of knowledge to their workplace
The application of knowledge to their workplace task is negotiated with the student and might include the development of resources for clients, that application of your  knowledge to meet your  client’s needs and  implementing new initiatives in the workplace or your practice, completion of case studies and online research

Assessment Matrix

Course Overview: Access Course Overview