Policy approval

New and substantive amendments to policies and/or procedures

The approval authorities for new policies and/or procedures, or those for undergoing substantive amendment, are as follows






Academic Board




Academic Board


All new policies and procedures, or those with substantive amendments are considered by the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive (VCE) and appropriate committees or boards before being submitted to the approval authority. TheUniversity Secretariathas a role in the approvals process andmust be consulted before the policy/procedure progresses to the VCE for endorsement. See Role of the University Secretariat.

Further work may be requested by VCE or university committees before the proposal is ready to submit for approval.

Once approved, the documents are then submitted to the University Secretariat to be published on the University policy repository, with the approval date and document details included in the revision history. Additionally, the operational area responsible for implementation will communicate the new or amended policy or procedure to the University community.


The type of amendment determines the level of approval required. Amendments are defined within the definitions section of the Policy on Policies.

A substantive amendment is a significant modification to the content of the document or an expansion in its nature and scope. A substantive amendment may consist of relatively few changes to a document, but be of such significance that the content is significantly altered. Approval for substantive amendments follows the same path as new policy/procedure approvals.

A minor amendment (editorial) effects changes to nomenclature, correct errors, or clarify wording within policy or procedure. Minor amendments (editorial) are approved by the University Secretary.

A minor amendment (other) is made to reflect legislative or regulatory changes or for consistency between policies and procedures. Minor amendments are approved by the Vice-Chancellor, depending on the type of change required. The approval authority for minor amendments (other) is the Vice-Chancellor, however approval has been delegated to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic for academic policies and procedures, and the Vice-President Resources for governance and service policies and procedures.


The submission for approval of a new or substantively amended policy or procedure to either: VCE, Academic Board, the Vice-Chancellor or Council comprises the following:

  • submission cover sheet
  • policy and/or procedure – marked-up if amended
  • policy development consultation and feedback template
  • policy and procedure implementation plan template

Templates and forms for the above are available on the policy templates and reference tools section of the toolkit.

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