Course Title: Team Work

Part A: Course Overview

Course ID: 030824

Program: C5115

Course Title: Team Work

Portfolio: DSC

Nominal Hours: 20.0

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Brunswick Campus


350T Fashion & Textiles


Term1 2007

Course Contact: Rhonda Ingwersen

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 9214

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Course Description

Frontline management has a key role in leading, participating in, facilitating and empowering work teams/groups within the context of the organisation. They play a prominent part in motivating, mentoring, coaching and developing team members, and in achieving team cohesion.

This course covers team activities such as simulations, case studies and project based learning in areas that focus on:
1. Examining ways in which a team can establish clearly defined purposes, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, and how diversification of members can benefit the team
2. Recognising how the team performance plan can contribute to the organisation’s business plan, policies and practices, and how to monitor and adjust performance to match continuous improvement policies
3. Developing team commitment and co-operation by means of a fashion group activity or project as part of a team
4. Identifying ways of encouraging and developing innovation and initiative within the team
5. Identifying ways of providing support within a team to identify and resolve problems which impede the team’s performance
6. Monitoring of individual and team competencies to achieve set goals
7. Developing mentoring and coaching support skills to enhance members knowledge and skills and to use these skills to enhance team performance
8. Monitoring team members performance
9. Fostering active participation in team activities and communication processes
10. Encouraging individual and joint responsibility for actions

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

Pre-requisites: Teamwork in the Fashion Industry

National Competency Codes and Titles


Participate in, lead and facilitate work teams


BSXFMI504A/01 Participate in team planning

BSXFMI504A/02 Develop team commitment and co-operation

BSXFMI504A/03 Manage and develop team performance

BSXFMI504A/04 Participate in, and facilitate the work team

Learning Outcomes

Refer to Part B of guide

Overview of Assessment

Tasks that have not been authenticated in class as the student’s own work will not be considered for assessment. Regular attendance is necessary to demonstrate that you can:
1. Collect, analyse and organise ideas and information and use this information appropriately to their work responsibility by giving and receiving feedback
2. Contribute to the production of a written or oral project report as part of a team
3. Communicate effectively by selecting and using appropriate communication methods and technologies which enhance the team’s ability to reach planned goals (include information management systems)
4. Plan and organise activities, and make decisions within responsibility and authority
5. Work with others in a team to establish a commitment to the company’s goals, values and plans
6. Solve problems and deal with conflict before it effects the team’s performance
7. Encourage team to openly propose, discuss and resolve issues and reward and support team’s achievement