Course Title: Vision mix a multisource television production to tape or air

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: VART5854C

Course ID: 040198

Course Title: Vision mix a multisource television production to tape or air

School: 345T Creative Media

Program Code: C5134 - Diploma of Screen

Course Contact : Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4976

Course Contact Email:

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Cameron Clarke
9925 4908

Nominal Hours: 50

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

In this course, students will learn the skills and knowledge to prepare a script for vision mixing, operate a vision mixer panel for recording and switch a program to tape or air.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUFBRD10A Vision mix a multisource television production to


Prepare vision mixer panel for recording

Performance Criteria:

·  Select mixing equipment which is appropriate to meet the requirements of the script/production schedule
·  Check the equipment capability to ensure that specific mixing effects are available
·  Check that the identified effects are fully functional and the monitor is working within the specifications
·  Verify sources on the monitor prior to recording
·  Position the effects and sources on board to enable the required transition to be achieved on time


Mix the vision

Performance Criteria:

·  Use the marked up script/production schedule to determine all actions throughout the mix
·  Continually communicate with the relevant personnel throughout the mixing process to achieve the desired result
·  React consistently to cues received from relevant personnel and ensure consistency of timing without undue lapses
·  Include all planned inter-shot transitions between video sources, reselection points and relevant moves to ensure production requirements are met
·  Preview sources throughout the production process and use as required
·  Assign effects to appropriate memory storage device
·  Accurately set transition times


Prepare a script or production schedule for vision mixing

Performance Criteria:

·  Liaise with relevant personnel, interpret and confirm the vision mixing requirements to ensure that production requirements are met and that styles and formats are consistent
·  Mark known cuts and effects onto the script/production schedule, according to enterprise procedures
·  Liaise with the director and identify and agree to the point of transition, and mark this on the script/production schedule
·  Consult with the director prior to recording unscripted transitions


Switch progam to tape or air

Performance Criteria:

·  Implement scripted transitions on time
·  Apply the correct length of time when applying the transition so that the desired effect is created and the rhythm of the program is maintained
·  Act upon any changes to script/production schedule, as directed, to achieve the changed requirements
·  React to equipment failure, as necessary, by applying alternative effects

Learning Outcomes


Overview of Learning Activities

Details of Learning Activities

Classroom instruction: lectures, tutorials, seminars
Workshops, practical exercises, oral presentations
Guest speakers
Individual consultations
Research and reference compilation
Production-based classes
Team projects

Teaching Schedule

1.        Time tables / O week

2.         Introduction to Studio A
             Safety talk with studio managers
             Go into projects and what is required
             Introduction to programme structures.  Live to air (news, talk show, variety, music, sport, infotainment) programmes
             Show example of music/variety programme (cb80’s / rove live / spicks and specks)
             Show examples of news / talk shows / current affairs style show (enough rope with Andrew Denton, lateline, dateline, the today show, sunrise, the footy show etc.)
             Crew roles and responsibilities in television studios

3.        Interview / documentary programmes
            The basics (lighting sets, switching techniques, pre-recorded segments, sound, directing and crew roles, pre-production work)

4.         Interview / documentary programmes
             The basics cont.

5.         Recording pre-recorded segments for news / talk / current affairs style show / programme

6.         Recording pre-recorded segments cont.

7.         News / talk / current affairs style show programme recording with ad breaks and pre-recorded segments.  All live to tape.

8.         As above cont.

9.         Review of news / talk / current affairs style show programme and start of music / variety programme planning

10.      Sound for music programmes and camera techniques

11.      Sound cont.

12.      Finalising production schedule and crew roles.  Pre-recording of segments for major project

13.      As above cont.

14.      Major project live music variety programme

15.      Major project cont.

16.      Major project cont.

17.      Marking / review of work

18.      Marking / review of work

Overview of Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

Not applicable

Overview of Assessment

Television Interview 30%
Live to air music/variety program 40%
Television program structure report 30%

Assessment Tasks

Perform set-up and operation exercises
Plan, script, pre-produce, shoot and edit pre-recorded material
Plan, script, pre-produce and produce a ’live’ production, drama, or magazine type
Prepare a running sheet, insert pre-recorded material
Participate in a range of roles, as production crew for other team productions
Document all stages of production and evaluate finished product

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