Course Title: Troubleshoot and resolve network problems

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C5148

Course Title: Troubleshoot and resolve network problems

Portfolio: BUS

Nominal Hours: 30.0

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City Campus


650T TAFE Business

Face-to-Face or Internet

Course Contact: Jatinder Warraich

Course Contact Phone: +61-3-99251335

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Course Description

‘Install and Manage Complex Networks’ covers various standard operating procedures to proactively prevent network problems and promptly troubleshoot if there is any. Following a proactive approach this competency focuses on procedures such as regular monitoring the network and obtaining the requisite tools for support. This competency also underlines the requirements for various arrangements to be put in place to discover and resolve various network problems.
This unit is co-delivered with Produce Network/Communication Design, Install & Manage Complex Networks, Build Internet Protocols, Install & Manage Network Protocols and Administer Network Peripherals competencies.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities


Install and configure a network ICAITI097B COSC5675C
Install network hardware to a network ICAITS029B COSC5107C


Produce Network/Communication Design ICAITAD045B COSC5755C
Install and Manage Complex Networks ICAITI098B COSC5756C
Build Internet Protocols ICAITI100B EEET6513C
Install and Manage Network Protocols ICAITI101B EEET6637C
Administer Network Peripherals ICAITS121A COSC5102C

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

ICAITS122A Troubleshoot and resolve network problems


Determine level of support required

Identify, obtain and use tools for support

Implement regular network monitoring

Troubleshoot network problems

Learning Outcomes

See details under elements of competency.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment may incorporate a variety of methods including technical requirements documentation, homework and in class exercises, written tests, practical problem solving exercises and practical tests. Students are advised that they maybe be asked to personally demonstrate their assessment work to their teacher to ensure that the relevant competency standards are being met.
As this course is based on a networking project there will be an assessment by the teacher and the group individuals of the group working as a team and the role played by the individual members

Final examination optional for RMIT grading purposes only