Course Title: Pattern Development

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2008

Course Code: NONE7234L

Course Title: Pattern Development

School: 350T Fashion & Textiles

Campus: Brunswick Campus

Program: C5165 - Diploma of Textiles Clothing and Footwear

Course Contact : Cathy Chen

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 99255 9229

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Kelly Pascoe
+61 3 9925 9177  

Building: 511
Level: 1
Room: 7

Nominal Hours: 120

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

To enable learners to develop introductory skills in pattern making processes. Activities are designed to enable learners to interpret garment designs, then to develop accurate patterns according to the principles of good fit and production specifications. This unit covers topics such as skirts, pants and tops.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

LMTPDCL03A Select And/Or Modify Patterns Or Blocks 04/5


LMTPDCL03A/01 Interpret the design

Performance Criteria:

• Design a sketch/drawing is interpreted and clarified with designer or senior patternmaker as required.
• Design lines and features are identified.
• Fabric characteristics and performance, and trims and finishings are considered in relation to the design.


LMTPDCL03A/02 Select a pattern

Performance Criteria:

• Specifications are read and interpreted, in consultation with others as required.
• Any special construction methods or trim details of the garment that may affect the patter are identified.
• Pattern is obtained and checked to ensure suitability to the work specifications and/or design requirements.


LMTPDCL03A/03 Modify existing pattern

Performance Criteria:

• Steps required to modify the pattern are determined.
• Pattern is made, using existing patterns, to meet design requirements.
• Pattern pieces are checked for accuracy of seam allowances, seam match, hems and functional openings.


LMTPDCL03A/04 Test pattern

Performance Criteria:

• Pattern is tested for feasibility by making a prototype or toile.
• Construction problems are identified, where relevant, and alternative construction methods are recommended.
• Pattern adjustments are made, as required, and alterations are assessed to meet fitting requirements.
• Final patterns are tested for compliance to design criteria and specifications, and to assess accuracy and completeness.
• Labelling of pattern pieces is assessed in accordance with enterprise procedures.


LMTPDCL03A/05 Maintain records

Performance Criteria:

• Records are maintained and reports prepared, where necessary, in accordance with enterprise procedures.
• Patterns are filed in accordance with enterprise procedures.

Learning Outcomes

Refer to other sections of guide

Details of Learning Activities


1. Analysis of designs (by using a variety of media, such as trade sketches, sample garments, specifications sheets or client requirements) to identify design lines and other garment features such as pocket, collar and sleeve variations.
2. Selecting existing patterns or appropriate blocks for use in pattern development by identifying the desired silhouettes and fit requirements from given specifications.
3. Adjusting the pattern according to fabric requirements by first examining fabric characteristics (such as the handle and drape of the fabric)
4. Modifying pattern blocks according to required design and production specifications by use of different pattern making techniques such as, intermediate patterns and dart manipulation.
5. Producing accurate patterns according to garment design lines and production specifications by checking pattern measurements and other details such notches, seam allowances and grain-lines.
6. Testing and adjusting the resulting prototypes.
7. Finalisation of pattern pieces according to requirements by checking all the pattern pieces for details such as correctly positioned notches, seam allowances, style numbers, size and cutting instructions.
8. Up-dating records by filling in specification forms and by storing patterns for easy access.

Teaching Schedule

11/02/2008 Orientation•Ice breaker •Course Guide, •OH&S. • Identifying silhouettes of skirts exercise, •Library tour
• Show equipment, blocks.

18/02/2008 •Terminology •Sketching basics, •Video – Follow that line. •Equipment use exercise,
25/02/2008 •Review answers to skirt silhouettes exercises •Style1 1/5th scale pattern from block – Demonstrate in full scale, students to do in full and 1/5th scale

03/03/2007MELBOURNE FASHION WEEK No Classes – Fitting Assignment instead.

11/03/2008 •Style1 1/5th scale pattern from block – Demonstrate in full scale, students to do in full and 1/5th scale (Continued)
17/03/2008 Style1 Markers, demonstrate, students to do in 1/5th scale

21st March – 4th April EASTER/TERM BREAK

07/04/2008 Style 2 – Yoke Skirt. Full Scale
14/04/2008 Continue from previous week. Style 2 - 1/5th scale draft, Intermediate & Final Pattern. Check all students work / feedback
21/04/2008 Style 3 – Flip Skirt with shaped yoke. Full scale,
28/04/2008 1/5th
05/05/2008 Style 4 – Straight skirt with front pockets & C.F. seam. Full scale,
12/05/2008 1/5th
19/05/2008 Style 5 – 8 Gore skirt with trumpet Hem. Full scale
Style 6 – 6 Gore skirt with A-Line Hem

26/05/2008 Assessment Task
02/06/2008 Assessment Task continued
09/06/2008 Style P1 – Drawstring Pant. Full scale, 1/5th scale
16/06/2008 Style P2 - Hipster flares. Full scale
23/06/2008 Exam Week – No class

SEMESTER BREAK (2 WEEKS) 30th June –11th July

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources


Students are not required to purchase any texts for this course.

The following are some of the titles available for loan from the extensive collection at the Brunswick Campus Library:

• Pattern Making for Fashion Design by Helen Armstrong Jones
• Metric Pattern Making by Winifred Aldrich
• How to Draft Basic Patterns by Kopp / Rolf / Zelin / Gross
• Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern by Kopp / Rolf / Zelin Gross
• Fabric, Form and Flat Pattern Making by Winifred Aldrich
• Follow That Line (Video or DVD) OTS/ MiText
• Fashion Design by Pamela Stecker

Overview of Assessment

Refer to Assessment Tasks

Assessment Tasks


• 70% of the final result will be on-going assessment which will culminate in the successful completion of a well presented folio of evidence including: pattern specifications; full & 1/5th scale patterns; in-class & out-of-class exercises.
• 20% - Final (end of year) practical exam
• 10% - Holistic Assignment (Group Work)

Assessment Matrix

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