Course Title: Interpret, confirm and create music for a brief

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: PERF5046C

Course Title: Interpret, confirm and create music for a brief

School: 345T Creative Media

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5168 - Diploma of Music Industry (Technical Production)

Course Contact : Adam Lovell

Course Contact Phone: 03 9925 4976

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 30

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

Students will learn the skills and knowledge required for a composer/engineer to interpret, confirm and fulfill a music brief

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUSMCP10A Interpret, confirm and create music for a brief


Brief others

Performance Criteria:

- Allocate work, where necessary, according to the talents and abilities of available personnel, the client's requirements and available finance
- Deliver specifications in the format required and provide additional documentation where necessary or required 
-  Confirm and agree standards of work and monitoring requirements 
-  Prepare and convey technical, financial and other information relevant to the commission to agreed timeline 
- Confirm and agree on reporting mechanisms and arrangements for dealing with contingencies 
- Provide opportunities to obtain further verbal or written information 
- Record details of all contracting relationships methodically and include contact details, specification briefs, time line and delivery details and payment details


Create work

Performance Criteria:

- Create work in accordance within the agreed artistic goals 
- Reflect the function of the work and ensure that it is appropriate to the sound forces and other available resources 
- Produce work within the agreed timelines 
- Reflect knowledge of appropriate writing for particular instruments/voices including range, tone and balance, and performers' skills levels in the work


Identify resource requirements

Performance Criteria:

- Identify and confirm the purpose of the work with the client/commissioning party 
- Identify and confirm the duration, general vision and scope of the composition material 
- If relevant, identify and confirm use of text and possible associated collaboration as and if required 
- Identify, confirm and cost assistance where required 
- Obtain and confirm details of costings and schedules relevant time lines, milestones, budgets, materials and facilities with commissioner prior to accepting work


Prepare final plan for work

Performance Criteria:

- Draw up a plan of the music components and, if relevant, the text, to an agreed format 
- Draw up a map to clearly indicate duration requirements for sections of the work 
- Indicate clearly in the plan the instrumental and performing resources required for the work 
- Provide additional documentation if necessary, including specific time line details for progress payments where relevant 
- Ensure that final product satisfies the requirements of the brief 
- Complete work to agreed milestones and budget or, renegotiate variations with the client where problems arise


Prepare work plan

Performance Criteria:

- Confirm areas of work and limits to own and others' responsibilities relevant to the brief 
- Prepare a timetable that allows for unexpected developments and contingencies 
- Prepare and present a plan of projected work progress to agreed milestones and budget 
- Agree on a communication plan that ensures ongoing discussion and confirmation of the music to achieve agreed project outcomes

Learning Outcomes


Details of Learning Activities

Analysis, exploration, production, recording, editing, and mixing of all audio aspects involved in TV and Radio commercials. Classes will consist of practical tutorials/demonstrations and tasks, theory based learning, discussions, student presentations, written examination, and self directed research.

Teaching Schedule

Week 1 Orientation
Week 2 Course outline/structure
Detailing of assessment and explanation of Assignments to be undertaken.
Audio for Media exploration. Analysis of key elements, and genres involved within production of audio for commercials. Aspects include music compositions (jingles), Voice Overs, Foley, and SFX .
Student research and acquisition of commercial examples.
Week 3Production Studio Analysis. Breakdown of studio equipment/ hardware/ software involved in the various stages of audio for media productions.
Examples of various studios locally and globally.
Student presentation and class discussion of researched examples
Week 4
Synchronization-TV/Film formats. Analysis of timecode formats, frame rates, clock reference, and synch setups of various industry standard equipment.
Week 5
Practical demonstration and familiarisation of Studio/Lab Equipment.
Integration of audio and video within Pro Tools/ Logic Audio.
Quicktime movies, spot mode, playlists and loop record.
Week 6
Breakdown of  all parties involved in the production from original idea to final release. Projected budget analysis, and distribution of costs.
Scheduling of resources and available time for Assignments.
Week 7
 Practical sessions for Assignment 1
Week 8
 Practical sessions for Assignment 1
Week 9
 Practical sessions for Assignment 1
Week 10
 Practical sessions for Assignment 1
Week 11
 Class Presentation/Discussion of Assignment 1
Week 12
 Practical sessions for Assignment 2
Week 13
 Practical sessions for Assignment 2
Week 14
 Practical sessions for Assignment 2
Week 15
 Practical sessions for Assignment 2
Week 16       Class Presentation/Discussion of Assignment 2

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Other Resources

A set of web based resource links are provided below for this course.
Resource Links:
Collection of commercials, realaudio/quicktime/windowsmedia formats available for reviewing.

Article on the basics of audio for TV advertisements.
America’s largest and oldest TV Advertising library and resource
Using Audio Enabled Rich Media Advertising effectively
A selection of TV advertisements/campaigns for Apple Computers

Overview of Assessment

Assessment will take place via class presentations, work plan diary, written examination, and submission of practical portfolio. Submissions will consist of all audio elements produced for 1x30sec Radio commercial, and 1x60sec TV Commercial.

Assessment Tasks

Task 1 - 5%      Class presentation of commercial research

Task 2 - 5%      Work Plan submission

Task 2 - 10%    Written examination

Task 3 - 40%    Practical assignment 1 -  Produce all audio elements for a 30sec Radio commercial

Task 4 - 40%    Practical assignment 2 -  Produce all audio elements for a 60sec TV commercial

Assessment Matrix

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Course Overview: Access Course Overview