Course Title: Communicate in the workplace

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2007

Course Code: EMPL5393C

Course Title: Communicate in the workplace

School: 320T Design (TAFE)

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5177 - Diploma of Visual Merchandising

Course Contact : Jo Beckerleg

Course Contact Phone: 9925 4211

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 50

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit encompasses the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for effective communication with customers and other staff in the workplace. It involves establishing contact with customers, processing information, working in a team, maintaining personal presentation, following routine instructions, reading and interpreting retail documents and using numbers in the workplace.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

WRRCS1B Communicate in the workplace


Establish contact with customers

Performance Criteria:

Welcoming customer environment maintained.

Customer greeted warmly according to store procedures.

Effective service environment created through verbal and non-verbal presentation according to store policy.

Questioning and active listening used to determine customer needs.

Confidentiality and tact demonstrated.


Follow routine instructions

Performance Criteria:

Instructions received and acted upon.

Effective questioning used to elicit information.

Store information relevant to the particular task assessed, comprehended and acted upon.

Daily work routine planned and organised.

Tasks prioritised and completed without undue delay


Maintain personal presentation

Performance Criteria:

Personal dress and presentation maintained in a neat and tidy manner.

Personal hygiene maintained according to store policy and government legislation.


Process information

Performance Criteria:

Telephone answered promptly according to store procedures.

Questioning and active listening used to identify caller and accurately establish and confirm requirements.

Telephone system functions used according to instructions.

Messages or information recorded and passed on promptly.

Customer informed of any problems and relevant action being taken.

Follow up action taken as necessary.


Read and interpret retail documents

Performance Criteria:

A range of retail documents accurately listed and described.

Information from a range of retail documents read and interpreted


Use numbers in the workplace

Performance Criteria:

Range of possible numerical problems in retail workplace accurately listed.

Numerical information collected from various sources and calculated accurately with or without the use of a calculator.


Work in a team

Performance Criteria:

Courteous and helpful manner demonstrated at all times.

Allocated tasks completed willingly without undue delay.

Assistance actively sought or provided by approaching other team members when difficulties arise.

Lines of communication with supervisors and peers identified according to store policy.

Constructive feedback provided by other team members encouraged, acknowledged and acted upon.

Questioning used to minimise misunderstandings.

Signs of potential workplace conflict identified and conflict avoided wherever possible.

Participation in team problem solving demonstrated.

Learning Outcomes

1 Establish contact with customers
2 Process information
3 Work in a team
4 Maintain personal presentation
5 Follow routine instructions
6 Read and interpret retail documents
7 Use numbers in the workplace

Details of Learning Activities

On your timetable this competency will be referred to as Workplace Communication.
This competency is delivered and assessed with VART 5764C.
This unit encompasses the skills ,knowledge and attitudes required for effective communication with customers and other staff, ie, .potential Mentors in the workplace. It involves establishing contact, processing information, working in a team, maintaining personal presentation ,following routine instructions .reading and interpreting documentation.

Activities could include.
.Guest speakers
.Industry visits.
.Team work.
.Establish contact
.Process information.
.Maintain personal presentation.

Teaching Schedule


1 Introduction to Workplace Communication.
Verbal, visual, corporate, personal, internal, external.
2 Guest Lecturer. THEME/EVENTS. Theme from Jak. Jane Klose.
Visual communication, style , space, location,
3 Discussion, The Mentor program.
Student requirements, contacts, diary, presentation.etc.
4 Ongoing discussion, and presentation requirements . 
5 Sustainable Life and Work Plan. Assignment No. 1.
Powerpoint presentation and brief.
6 Assingment No 1. defining the balance between work, study ,leisure, relationships, relaxation.


 Guest Lecture. RETAIL. Jeanette Demir.            verbal, visual,corporate, personal, internal, external.

8 Guest Lecture. HOMEWARES.  Villa and Hut.    Victoria Underwood.
Corporate identity, lifestyle communication.
9 Ongoing discussion , personal goals and strategies.
MENTOR. Inform students of the document process, collect from level 5.
Access to the Industry folder ,outline the process, contact and verification.
10 Guest Lecture. CHAIN STORES, ie. COUNTRY ROAD.
Maintaining the Corporate LOOK ?, Corporate communication
11 Professional goals and strategies, priorities,values,Mission Statement.
12 Guest Lecture . DESIGN / EXHIBITION.   Retail Design Services.  Stephen Swann.
Outline and discussion MENTOR industry categories.
13  Students to hand in life plan assignments today
14 Guest Lecture. STORE PLANNING.
Ongoing MENTOR discussions.
15 Ensure that all students have documentation supportive of the MENTOR Program. 
16 Explain to students that I will be available for consultation and support in regards to the MENTOR Program in second semester. 



  Semester  two, all students are expected to complete their mentor placement  this semester. 
  The Mentor program has been discussed, the list of current Mentors has been distributed,. 
  Students have been assisted in the contact process. 
  Contacts will be recorded, and filed. 
  All aspects of placement will be discussed. 
  Students will be provided wwith the appropriate documentation. 
  Contact dates, and a diarised placement  activities folder will be completed by  individual students. 
  Ongoing support will be provided to individual students. 
  Off campus visits will take place during the semester by the Mentor co-ordinator. 

                                 ongoing assistance.

                                   ongoing assistance. 
                                   ongoing assistance. 
                                    ongoing assistance. 
                                    ongoing assistance 
  Individual tutorials, hand in all documented evidence of the Mentor placement. The Student Diary. 

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts



Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

• Group presentations
• Reflective journaling
• Research project
• Workplace simulations
• Role plays
• Report writing

Assessment Tasks

This unit involves establishing contact, processing information, working in a team, maintaining personal presentation ,following routine instructions .reading and interpreting documentation.

Assessment Matrix


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