Course Title: Apply the design process to 3-dimensional work in response to a brief

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2011

Course Code: GRAP5148C

Course Title: Apply the design process to 3-dimensional work in response to a brief

School: 320T Design (TAFE)

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5235 - Diploma of Visual Merchandising

Course Contact : Norman Ireland

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4211

Course Contact

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Sue Robinson:

Nominal Hours: 50

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to explore and apply the design process in a 3-dimensional (3D) way in response to a brief.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

CUVDES03A Apply the design process to 3-dimensional work in response to a brief


1. Examine information on three dimensional design

Performance Criteria:

1.1  Identify and access relevant sources of information on design processes specifically relating to three dimensional applications
1.2  Use knowledge of relevant design processes to inform work


2. Apply design processes to produce samples of three dimensional design work

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Select appropriate materials, tools and equipment required for the production of the design samples in accordance with the brief
2.2  Follow appropriate and safe procedures to apply instances of design processes
2.3  Consider outcomes in relation to processes used and suitability for the brief
2.4  Explore different approaches to satisfy the requirements of the brief
2.5  Produce a range of samples which demonstrate the application of design processes to three dimensional work
2.6  Present and store work in a format which takes account of the need for professional presentation and potential need

Learning Outcomes

• general knowledge of the role and nature of a brief within the design process, including different types of brief and how designers use them
• awareness of the notion of individual interpretation and choice within the design process
• knowledge about the materials, tools and equipment required to apply design processes to three dimensional applications
• workspace organisation and maintenance including environmental and safety issues
• knowledge about how other artists and designers have produced work in three dimensions
• awareness of the relationship between form and space
• copyright, moral rights and intellectual property issues and legislation, and their impact on aspects of design
• literacy skills sufficient to interpret a brief
• numeracy skills sufficient to calculate quantities and determine construction issues

Details of Learning Activities

Students will explore different materials and design processes to create 3D samples of work.

As individuals and or in small teams, students will interpret the designs and apply the design process to assist in manufacture.

Students will apply their knowledge of materials and design to produce a decorative table centrepiece for a major event.

Students will, whilst engaged in any activity, apply their knowledge of tools, equipment and observe safe working practices.

Teaching Schedule

WeekClass Content 2011Performance Criteria
1Introduction to, and the demonstration of workshop function, tools and equipment. O.H.& S. Demonstration, student activities, record and sign off.2
2Demonstration of how to use the hot-wire cutter
Students will cut 3 geometric shaped templates, from grey back.
Students will use the templates and Styrofoam ,and cut the 3 shapes
3Brief 1. Students will manufacture a riser to be used in VMP, each team will manufacture a different size for all first year students to use as a set, for grouping of products.1, 3
4Ongoing manufacture of the riser, and introduction to the next brief.3
5Brief 2 the design and manufacture of a sign and icon for VMP, a list of appropriate products will be discussed.4
6Ongoing manufacture of signage, the size of the sign, template production, letter cutting, paint application.4
7As above 
8Fix lettering to the background, spacing and layout considerations ,adhesives and manufacture of the icon .complete both today.3, 4
9Brief 3. the design and manufacture of an Art Deco Screen, to be used in VMP, students will have produced thumbnail sketches in History.5
10Demonstration of the embossing technique, map out the design, and begin the embossing5
11Students should complete the screens today5
12Brief 3a using given templates, students will produce 3 small embossed images on metal.
These small images will be used collectively as a group display in VMP
13As above - should finish today 
14Brief 4. Students will produce a framed montage, reference Bombo, images will be shown. This is a stand alone piece, no product is required to be included.1, 4
15Ongoing production, coloured and textured papers will be supplied, multiple layers will be used to achieve depth and perspective1, 4
16Students should complete task today. 
17O.H &S TEST1, 2 & 3
 All briefs are weighted equall at 20% 

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts


Google search: Art Deco designs.  Google search: BOMBOLAND

Other Resources

Overview of Assessment

The following evidence is critical to the judgement of competence in this unit:
• production of samples which apply design processes to three dimensional work in accordance with the requirements of the brief
• fundamental understanding of the design process as it applies to three dimensional work

Assessment Tasks

Assessment Tasks:

Brief 2 you will cut 3 geometric shapes using the hot wire machine.
Brief 3 you will design and manufacture a brand name sign to be used in VMP.
Brief 4 you will design and emboss an Art Deco Screen.
Brief 5 you will design and produce a decorative panel to be used in VMP
Brief 6 you will complete an O.H.S test.

Assessment Matrix

Competency Code & Title                            Assessment  1      Assessment  2       Assessment 3      Assessment 4      Assessment 5      Assessment  6       
Manufacture visual merchandising support structures
Elements 1. Follow workshop operational procedures.
Elements 3. Maintain tools and equipment.
Elements 4. Manufacture styrene signs.
Elements 2. Design and construct simple visual merchandising structures
Elements 4. Manufacture styrene signsElements 5. Construct display framesElements 1. Follow workshop operational procedures
Elements 2.Design and construct simple vm structures
Elements 5. Construct display frames.
Elements 1. Follow workshop operational procedures.

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