Course Title: Analyse and present research information

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term1 2016

Course Code: BUSM7935C

Course Title: Analyse and present research information

School: 650T Vocational Business Education

Campus: City Campus

Program: C5339 - Diploma of Business Administration

Course Contact : Sylvia Baroutis

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 5469

Course Contact

Name and Contact Details of All Other Relevant Staff

Course coordinator:
Vivien Wong 
Tel:   +61 3 99255494

Nominal Hours: 40

Regardless of the mode of delivery, represent a guide to the relative teaching time and student effort required to successfully achieve a particular competency/module. This may include not only scheduled classes or workplace visits but also the amount of effort required to undertake, evaluate and complete all assessment requirements, including any non-classroom activities.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites


Course Description

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to gather, organise, analyse and present workplace information using available systems. This includes identifying research requirements and sources of information, applying information to a set of facts, evaluating the quality of the information, and preparing and producing reports.

It applies to individuals who are required to apply their broad knowledge of the work environment to analysis and research tasks, evaluate information from a variety of sources and apply solutions to a range of unpredictable problems.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

BSBRES401 Analyse and present research information


1. Gather and organise information

Performance Criteria:

1.1 Gather and organise information in a format suitable for analysis, interpretation and dissemination in accordance with organisational requirements
1.2 Access information held by the organisation ensuring accuracy and relevance in line with established organisational requirements
1.3 Ensure that methods of collecting information are reliable and make efficient use of resources in accordance with organisational requirements
1.4 Identify research requirements for combining online research with non electronic sources of information
1.5 Use business technology to access, organise and monitor information in accordance with organisational requirements
1.6 Update, modify, maintain and store information, in accordance with organisational requirements



2. Research and analyse information

Performance Criteria:

2.1 Clearly define objectives of research ensuring consistency with organisational requirements
2.2 Ensure that data and research strategies used are valid and relevant to the requirements of the research and make efficient use of available resources
2.3 Identify key words and phrases for use as part of any online search strategy, including the use of Boolean operators and other search tools
2.4 Use reliable methods of data analysis that are suitable to research purposes
2.5 Ensure that assumptions and conclusions used in analyses are clear, justified, supported by evidence and consistent with research and business objectives


3. Present information

Performance Criteria:

3.1 Present recommendations and issues in an appropriate format, style and structure using suitable business technology
3.2 Structure and format reports in a clear manner that conforms to organisational requirements
3.3 Report and distribute research findings in accordance with organisational requirements
3.4 Obtain feedback and comments on suitability and sufficiency of findings in accordance with organisational requirements

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

Activities are based mainly on the Aspire textbook.  

Teaching Schedule

 Week Week commencing                                                                                                                        Topic                                                                                                                                                         Assessments                 
  Induction Session
Prior to training commencement a program level induction session will be conducted that comprises the following:
• Program overview and requirements
• My RMIT/Blackboard
• Overview of assessment requirements
• Pre-Training Review including: Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfers, Assessment of current skills and knowledge
• Competency/Grading Criteria
• Plagiarism
• Appeals
• Extensions
• Feedback
• Privacy
• Submission requirements
• Resubmission policy
• Where to get support
• Student Responsibilities
 1 Week commencing 8 FebruaryTopic: Gather and organise information
1A in textbook
Introduction to the course including:
• Course requirements
• Course support documents
• Course Blackboard access
• Accuracy of enrolment
• Assessment requirements/cover sheets
• Reminder re Plagiarism
• Reminder re Appeals
• Extensions/Resubmissions
• Feedback in this course
• Reminder re submission requirements
• Getting help
 Overview of Assessment Task 1

 2 15 FebruaryTopic: Gather and organise information
1B in textbook
 3 22 FebruaryTopic: Gather and organise information
1C in textbook
 4 29 FebruaryTopic: Gather and organise information
1D in textbook
 5 7 MarchTopic: Gather and organise information
1E and 1F in textbook
 Assessment Task 1 due
 6 14 MarchTopic: Gather and organise information
2A in textbook
 7 21 MarchTopic: Research and analyse information
2B in textbook
 724-30 March mid semester break
25 March Good Fri public holiday
28 March Easter Mon public holiday
29 March Easter Tues public holiday
 8 4 AprilTopic: Research and analyse information
2C in textbook
 9 11 AprilTopic: Research and analyse information
2D in textbook
 10 18 April Topic: Research and analyse information
2E in textbook
 Assessment Task 2 due
 11 25 AprilTopic : Present information
3A in textbook
 12 2 MayTopic : Present information
3B in textbook
 13 9 MayTopic : Present information
3C in textbook
 14 16 MayTopic : Present information
3D in textbook
 Assessment Task 3 due
 15 23 MayReview 
 16 30 MayFeedback 
17 6 JuneResubmissions if required. 

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Aspire  2015  Analyse and present  research information, Version 1.1


Other Resources

Learning Hub (Blackboard online)

Overview of Assessment

In order to achieve competency in this unit, you must provide:

Performance Evidence

 Evidence of the ability to:    

  • identify or confirm research requirements and objectives
  • gather, organise and present workplace information and data
  • update, modify, maintain and store information
  • maintain and handle data and documents systematically and securely
  • prepare and produce reports including:
    • recommendations based on the analysis of information
    • clear and justified assumptions and conclusions
    • use of efficient, valid and reliable methods
  • use Boolean operators and other search tools
  • analyse, evaluate and interpret data to support organisational activities.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, you must:

  • explain organisational systems for recordkeeping/filing, including security procedures
  • identify organisational policies and procedures and legal and ethical obligations relating to workplace information
  • explain concepts related to research and analysis including reliability and validity
  • give examples of techniques for data analysis and how they are applied
  • explain research processes and strategies to identify new sources (online and print) of information and to use them most efficiently and effectively. 

Assessment Conditions

Assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the knowledge management – research field of work and include access to:

  • workplace information systems, equipment and resources
  • workplace policies and procedures
  • case studies and, where possible, real situations.


Feedback will be provided throughout the semester in class and/or online discussions.  You are encouraged to ask and answer questions during class time and online sessions so that you can obtain feedback on your understanding of the concepts and issues being discussed. Finally, you can email or arrange an appointment with your teacher to gain more feedback on your progress.

You should take note of all feedback received and use this information to improve your learning outcomes and final performance in the course.           

Assessment Tasks

Assessment Task 1 Gather and organise information
Textbook page 100
Part A Questioning

Demonstrate knowledge requirements by answering 10 short-answer questions.

Assessment Task 2 Research and analyse Information
Textbook p 59 and 60
Complete Learning Checkpoint 2 Part A and Part B (Topic 2)

Demonstrate knowledge and skill requirements by answering questions about research theory, principles, and approaches.

Assessment Task 3 Present Information
Textbook page 106 or 112
Part B Project: Analysing and presenting a research report at BizOps Enterprises (p106) or, with the agreement of your teacher,  a real  workplace (p112).

All Assessments must be passed to be deemed competent in this course.

Assessment Matrix

Other Information

Assessment Tasks
You are required to complete all three Assessment  Tasks to be deemed competent in this course. Due dates are in the weekly Teaching Schedule above.

Submission Requirements
• Submit assessments on or before the due date.
• Keep  a hard and soft copy of your assessment tasks.
• Put the Assessment Task into the Assessment Record and Cover Sheet.  It is on the Learning Hub (Blackboard) blackboard. You must fill in the Assessment Record and Cover Sheet . It  includes a declaration which declares that the work you are presenting for assessment is your own work.

Submit ALL of the Assessment Record and Cover sheet to the correct assignment box on the Learning Hub (Blackboard).  

Each page of your Assessment should include a footer with your name, student number, the title of the assessment, unit code and title and page numbers. For example, Julie Macpherson, 324567, Task 2, OHS2345C Ensure safe workplace, Page 1 of 10.

Late Submission Procedures
You are required to submit assessment items and/or ensure performance based assessment is completed by the due dates.
If you are prevented from submitting an assessment item on time by circumstances outside your control, you may apply in advance to your teacher for an extension to the due date of up to seven calendar days.  More Information:
Form to use:

Where an extension of greater than seven days is needed, you must apply for special consideration. Applications for special consideration must be submitted no later than two working days after the assessment task deadline or scheduled examination.   More Information:;ID=g43abm17hc9w
Form to use:

Resubmissions (VET Programs):
If you are found to be unsuccessful in a Course Assessment Task you will be allowed one resubmission only. Your teacher will provide feedback regarding what you need to do to improve and will set a new deadline for the resubmission. The highest grade you will receive if your resubmission is successful is “CAG”.
If you are still not meeting the assessment requirements you must apply to your Program Manager in writing outlining the steps you will take to demonstrate competence in your course. Your submission will be considered by the Program Team and you will be advised of the outcome as soon as possible.

Adjustments to Assessment
In certain circumstances students may be eligible for an assessment adjustment. For more information about the circumstances under which the assessment arrangements might be granted please access the following website:
More Information:;ID=7usdbki1fjf31

Marking Guide (Competency):
You must demonstrate that you have all the required skills/knowledge/elements in the unit of competency you are studying.You will receive feedback on each assessment task that will inform you about your progress and how well you are performing.

Marking Guide (Grading)
After achieving competency we then grade your performance in the unit and you will achieve one of the following grades:

Final Grades table:

CHD Competent with High Distinction
CDI   Competent with Distinction
CC    Competent with Credit
CAG Competency Achieved – Graded
NYC Not Yet Competent
DNS Did Not Submit for assessment

Further information regarding the application of the grading criteria will be provided by your teacher.

Course Overview: Access Course Overview