Course Title: Design electrical installations with a LV demand greater than 400 A per phase

Part B: Course Detail

Teaching Period: Term2 2009

Course Code: EEET6803C

Course Title: Design electrical installations with a LV demand greater than 400 A per phase

School: 130T Engineering (TAFE)

Campus: City Campus

Program: C6085 - Advanced Diploma of Electrical - Technology

Course Contact : marko.dumovic

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 9925 4342

Course Contact

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Nominal Hours: 40

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Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

UEENEEG001B Solve problems in electromagnetic circuits
UEENEEG002B Solve problems in single and three phase low voltage circuits
UEENEEE004B Solve problems in multiple path d.c. circuits
UEENEEG007B Select and arrange equipment for general electrical installations
UEENEEG025B Plan electrical installations with a LV demand up to 400A per phase

Course Description

This unit covers the design of supply and distribution arrangements, control, protection and selection of equipment for electrical installations with low voltage demand greater than 400 amperes per phase. This encompasses designing schemes for protection of persons and property and correct functioning, compatibility with the supply, and arrangement of circuits, determination of fault levels, effective switchgear, control gear, and protection against over current and over and under voltage and wiring based on calculations to meet required safety and performance standards and functional requirements.

National Codes, Titles, Elements and Performance Criteria

National Element Code & Title:

UEENEEG027B Design electrical installations with a LV demand greater than 400 A per phase


1. Prepare to plan electrical installations
2. Develop installation design
3. Obtain approval for installation design

Performance Criteria:

1 1.1 OHS processes and procedures for a given work area are identified, obtained and understood.
1.2 The extent and nature of the electrical installation is determined from design brief.
1.3 Safety and other regulatory requirements to which the electrical installation shall comply area are identified, obtained and understood.
1.4 Design development work is planned to meet scheduled timelines in consultation with others persons involved in the installation or associated work.

2 2.1 Knowledge of electrical installation performance standards, compliance methods and electrical equipment and is applied to designing the installation.
2.2 Alternative arrangements for the installation design are considered based on the requirements outlined in the design brief.
2.3 Safety, functional and budgetary considerations are incorporated in the installation design.
2.4 Installation design draft is checked for compliance with the design brief and regulatory requirements.

2.5 Installation design is documented for submission to appropriate person(s) for acceptance and approval.
2.6 Solutions to unplanned situation are provided consistent with organisation’s policy.

3.1 Installation design is presented and explained to client representative and/or other relevant person(s).
3.2 Requests for alterations to the design are negotiated with relevant person(s) within the constraints of organisation’s policy.
3.3 Final design is documented and approval obtainedfrom appropriate person(s).
3.4 Quality of work is monitored against personal performance agreement and/or established organizational or professional standards

Students will also demonstrate ability to select the appropriate standards and apply the steps, as required by these standards, in designing the electrical supply and distribution for a range of building types from mains to final sub-circuit, including switchboards and basic lighting.

Learning Outcomes

Details of Learning Activities

Classroom tutorial activities are designed consolidate the theory of electrical protections, installation design principles, installation for various electrical devices and metering. Students will participate face to face in learning the regulation and standard for various activities: requirements for electrical wiring, cable selection, switchboard and control panel requirements. It introduces the theory of electrical safety and protections, installation design requirements, metering, various electrical devices, lighting principles and applications. Students will participate in design project for lighting and power installation for specific industry. This practical design project will include the production of various installation drawings, design calculations and selection of various electrical devices for a given specification.

Electrical Installation Project:
 Project activities involve the design electrical installations down to working drawings, of the lighting and power requirements for the installation accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, most notably AS/NZ 1102, AS/NZ 3000 and AS/NZ 3008.1
This project covers the theory and application for the following concepts:
 The fundamental principles of electrical design.
 Design requirements in an electrical installation.
 The principles of producing adequate illumination for various tasks.

Teaching Schedule


Week Number   and Topic Delivered                                                                                                                                                 Assessment Task
1 Introduction : Electricity distributors, supply requirements
2 Introduction to regulations and standards
3  Australian standards Online. Industrial power distribution and utilization system

 Three phase and single phase systems. Industrial Transformers, AS/NZ 3000                                                                          Exercise 1
4 Lighting sources Lighting Applications, Lighting units, Luminaries, Maintenance of luminaries                                       Project Task issued
5 Lighting design using lumen method
6 Electrical Insulation, Cables, Multiple Earthling Neutral System,

   Earthling requirements, Earth Faults, Fault level Calculations.
7 Electrical installations                                                                                                                                                                                 Exercise 2
8 Cable protection
9 Electrical accessories and general wiring, Wiring Rules. Fault levels and cable selection.
10 Electrical Installation Design Requirements, Maximum Demand calculations
11 Maximum demand calculations, industrial applications                                                                                                                    Exercise 3
12 Factors affecting cable selection, Cable selection standards,

     Cable selection based on current carrying capacity and installation method,
13 Selection of cables based on voltage drops                                                                                                                                        Exercise 4
14 Electrical installations, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection
15 Electrical installations, testing and verification
16 Revision
17 Design electrical installations with a LV demand greater than 400 A per phase                                                              Project submission
18 Assessment feedback

Learning Resources

Prescribed Texts

Dumovic Marko “ Electrical Design”, RMIT


- Keith Pethbridge & Ian Neeson "Australian Electrical Wiring Practice - Volumes 1&2" McGraw Hill, ISBN 0 074 71053 2
- Australian Standard AS/NZ3000 - Wiring Rules
- Australian Standard AS/NZ3008.1 - Electrical Installations, Selection of Cables
-Victorian -Service & Installation Rules -1999
- AS/NZS 3018 :2001 -Electrical Installations -Domestic installations.
- AS/NZS 3001 :2001 -Moveable premises and their site installations.
- AS/NZS 3002 :2001 -Electrical installations -Patient treatment areas of hospitals and medical and dental practices.
- HB 300 Electrical Installations -Guide to using the wiring rules

- Theodore Wildi “Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems”, Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-082460-7

Other Resources

- RMIT network drive: S:\Marko\Electrical Design

RMIT online learning resources are located on RMIT Online Learning Hub. Follow the link to log in
The Learning Hub ( Blackboard) is the central point of access to the online courses in which students are registered.

Overview of Assessment

This course will be assessed through a range of projects, assignments and progressive tests.

Assessment Tasks

Project 80%
Work simulation project involves power design for an industrial installation. Students will produce installation drawing for lighting, power and switchboard layout drawing according to relevant Australian standards, select appropriate light fittings and lamps. The power installation design will include the calculations relating to the demand & volt drop considerations and fault conditions. Specifications will be provided with work simulation (team or individual basis) or may be negotiated to suit a workplace based application.
Projects may be undertaken as part of a team or individual basis.

Exercises 20%
Work based exercises to be undertaken troughout the unit, in a controlled environment for the specified duration in order to perform tasks autonomously and/or a member of a team .
Assessment activities will be as close as practicable to real work situations and will require “real work” type decision-making by the student involving in class based exercises on :
-General requirements for the supply of electricity.
- Supply and metering requirements.
- Arrangement of switchgear and controlgear.
- Earthing methods and arrangements
- Mandatory and optional testing and verification requirements applicable to special installations.
- Outlines of alternative designs.
- Design exercises within the safety and functional requirements

Assessment Matrix

                                                                                                                                                                                 Assessment Types

Competency National Code Competency Title  Written Exercises  Assignment  Project/
Tests  Industrial
 UEENEEE027B Design electrical installations with a LV demand greater than 400 A per phase                                                                                           X  X  

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