Course Title: Coordinate quality assurance for textiles, clothing and footwear products and services

Part A: Course Overview

Program: C6086

Course Title: Coordinate quality assurance for textiles, clothing and footwear products and services

Portfolio: DSC

Nominal Hours: 40.0

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Brunswick Campus


350T Fashion & Textiles


Term1 2010

Course Contact: Carmen Pricone

Course Contact Phone: +61 3 99259 195

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Course Description

This unit covers the skills and knowledge to coordinate quality assurance of textiles, clothing and footwear and services.

Pre-requisite Courses and Assumed Knowledge and Capabilities

There are no pre-requisits or co-requisites. 

National Competency Codes and Titles

National Element Code & Title:

LMTGN5002B Coordinate quality assurance for textiles, clothing and footwear products and services


2. Establish quality assurance procedures with supplier or customer.

2.1 Specifications of goods and services to be supplied are identified and documented.

2.2 Precise quality requirements are confirmed with supplier or customer.

2.3 Agreed quality assurance system is negotiated

2.4 Delivery dates are agreed.

2.5 Verification methods, systems and procedures for dispute settlement are established and agreed.

2.6 Recording system for products or services that ensures traceability, where required, is established.

3. Check for conformance to specifications.

3.1 Conformance of materials or products to quality standards is established against specifications.

3.2 Checks of quality of materials, services or equipment delivered are coordinated.

3.3 Corrective action is initiated, where applicable, to obtain or maintain desired quality.

4. Maintain records.

4.1 Records are maintained and reports prepared, where necessary.

1.  Assess own or supplier quality

1.1  Assessment and evaluation of own or supplier capability and quality system is conducted.

1.2  Processes for production and delivery of goods or services are evaluated.

1.3  Recommendations concerning assessed ability to comply with quality standards are made according to OHS practices and quality accreditation requirements where relevant. 

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, students will have gained knowledge and skills to:

  1. Assess and evaluate supplier quality and establish quality assurance requirements specific to their range;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the methods of assuring quality by applying them correctly to various problems solving scenarios.

Overview of Assessment

Assessment will enable students to work in a group as well as individually.  The assessed learning activities covered are:

  1. The development of a quality assurance manual specific to the students’s product range;
  2. A range of on-line problem solving activities that will demonstrate an understanding of the quality assurance concepts.
  3. Students will be introduced to self assessment to assist them in their learning.