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General FAQs

Are staff eligible for discounts on RMIT short courses?

RMIT offers a wide range of short and single courses available for anyone to study. Whilst short and single courses are not funded by developME, RMIT staff members can receive a 25% discount on most courses*. Review the options available to you by visiting the RMIT Short Courses webpage

To receive the discount, you will need to enrol over the phone and quote your staff number. If the course is being funded by your School you will also need to quote an Internal Order (IO) and General Ledger (GL) code

Can I provide developME with general feedback and if so, how?

Please contact developME with feedback at any time via HR Assist.

Does my manager have to approve my professional development?

Yes. It is ideal that you speak with your manager before undertaking any professional development and document any intended professional development activities in your Performance Workplan.

How can I access online learning?

You can login or register here.

How can I express interest in a fully subscribed or previously held workshop?

In the developME portal you can place yourself on a waiting list for an available spot. The developME team will contact you should a place open.

If you’re interested in a workshop that has been previously offered though you cannot find it in the developME portal it is possible that the workshop is no longer running during the year, or has stopped being offered. Please contact the developME team via HR Assist to express your interest in any workshop that has been held previously in the year.

How do I notify the developME team of any dietary or access requirements?

You can submit any dietary requirements or access requirements to the developME team when booking your place in a workshop through the developME portal.

Please note: Whilst we endeavour to ensure all dietary requirements are catered for there may be instances when we can’t meet every need.

How do I register for the RMIT Induction events, Get Connected and RMIT Campus Tour?

New starters will receive an email inviting them to register for Get Connected and Discover RMIT Campus Tour within their first two weeks of their start date. Registration is by invite only.

Places are strictly limited and priority is given to newly commenced fixed term and continuing staff members within the first 3 months of employment. Waitlists will be managed only for those workshops currently open for registration.

Should you have any questions about your enrolment to these events, please contact HR Assist on 9925 0600 or

What Compliance Education modules do I have to complete?

You will find an updated listing of your required Compliance Education modules and further information on the Compliance Education web page.

What external learning providers do you recommend?

Please find a list of recommended external learning providers that may also meet your needs:

Where is the HR Training Room located?

The HR Training Room is located in Building 105, Level 9 in Room 008 (105.09.008). Participants should enter Building 105 off Victoria Street and proceed through the lobby to take the lifts to level 9. Signage on level 9 will direct participants to the room. To locate Building 105 in the city campus please see the attached map.

Will I be asked to complete an evaluation form after attending a developME workshop?

Yes. After each developME face-to-face workshop you will receive an online evaluation form. This form is used to gain a better understanding of your experience with registering and attending the session. The evaluation form should take you five minutes to complete. All feedback received is treated confidentially and is consolidated with other feedback to inform the development of future workshops and developME in general.

Portal FAQs

What is the new developME portal?

To create an improved user experience and better visibility of the calendar of workshops on offer, the new portal is now the gateway for RMIT staff to access all developME information.

How do I use this new portal?

The new portal is extremely user friendly and designed to make navigation and workshop booking easy. A short quick reference guide on how to get around the portal is available here.

How complicated will it be for me to find what I want?

It won’t be complicated at all. We have provided numerous ways for you to locate the workshops you’re interested in attending. You can now search for a workshop by a theme, capability or workshop title.

The developME portal is simple to use and navigate. The process of registering for a workshop is now improved with an automated sign-in process when you login through the RMIT staff intranet.

How do I access the new portal?

Access to the new developME portal is as simple as clicking the developME Portal link on the developME homepage. You will be prompted to sign into the RMIT staff intranet page if you have not already done so.

Is the portal going to have all the workshops and online modules offered?

At this stage only ‘instructor led’ workshops will be visible in the portal. Access to online workshops and modules can be found on the developME page under ‘E-learning’.

Why do some workshops have a cost associated with them?

RMIT is committed to providing you with the best development opportunities it can. As such there are some workshops that are aimed at helping us to achieve our 2020 vision and will therefore be centrally funded by the organisation. There is also more individually bespoke development workshops contractually arranged by the university and are charged per person and departmentally funded to the relevant cost centre.

Your placement in these workshops will not be confirmed until your manager approves the enrolment fee to their cost centre.

If I cancel my attendance for a workshop will my cost centre be charged a fee?

Contractual agreements with our bespoke workshop providers include a cancellation policy that outlines applicable fees should individuals cancel their enrolment.

Should you cancel from a workshop that carries an enrolment fee your cost centre may be charged a cancellation fee in alignment with the provider’s cancellation policy. The cancellation fee will depend on when you cancel from the workshop:

More than 2 weeks’ notice – no charges will apply

Between 4 days’ and 2 weeks’ notice – 50% of the workshop enrolment fee

3 days’ or less notice – 100% of the enrolment fee will be charged as the cancellation fee.

*However, if you are on personal, sick or carer’s leave on the day of the developME workshop, no cancellation fee will be applied.

How do I cancel my attendance for a workshop?

You can cancel your booking through the developME portal. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this Quick Reference Guide: developME

Can someone else attend the workshop in place of me?

developME maintain a waitlist for all interested staff for each workshop. Your manager will be required to contact HR Assist to enquire about the possibility of replacing your registration. developME will firstly liaise with their waitlisted staff before accepting a participant replacement.

Please note developME may be unable to guarantee special requirements (e.g. dietary) for alternative delegates.

How will my School or Department be charged?

Charges will be made to your School or Department in the month following the workshop.

Will I be charged if developME cancels the workshop?

Your School or Department will not incur cancellations fees if a workshop is cancelled by developME. Staff members will be notified of the cancellation and where possible, new dates will be provided.

Will a cancelled workshop be rescheduled?

If a workshop is rescheduled new dates will be communicated to you by developME and your attendance will be transferred to this date. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled date please contact HR Assist.

What if I can’t attend one of the days’ in a multi-day workshop?

If you depart a multi-day workshop early or are unable to attend the subsequent day(s) you will be marked as not in attendance and your School or Department will be charged accordingly. If the multi-day workshop is considered to be mandatory for your role, you will be required to re-register.

What if I have problems using the system, or cannot find what I want?

If you need assistance using the new developME portal please contact HR Assist on 9925 0600 or