Induction procedure


This procedure supports the successful alignment of new staff with the University’s strategic direction by ensuring staff members:

  • are inducted effectively into the local area and understand their role and responsibilities
  • understand the University’s culture, working environment, and organisational structure
  • have satisfactorily completed the mandatory online induction modules, understand their obligations, and are committed to Equal Opportunity and Health and Safety in the workplace
  • are aware of key policies and procedures


All staff members University wide


Induction procedures have no exclusions: all staff should undertake both the local and online induction to the University. In particular they must be inducted into RMIT’s Health and Safety procedures.

Procedure steps and actions





1. Preparation of local induction

Manager advises colleagues in the work unit of the new staff member’s commencement date.

Manager is responsible for completing the following before the new staff member commences:

  • Set up a workstation with chair, computer, stationery and keys (if applicable).
  • Organise email and IT access.
  • Set up telephone system, including voicemail
  • Consider assigning a team member as a buddy/mentor for the new staff member.
  • Prepare an induction plan for at least the first week, outlining the activities, meetings etc the new staff member will participate in.

NOTE: It is a manager’s responsibility to ensure that any new staff member is inducted into their role, their work area and the University.


2 weeks before the new staff member commences

2. Local induction meeting

Manager undertakes local induction meeting with the new staff member.

The manager should:

  • give a tour of the local area
  • explain local and RMIT organisation structure
  • explain the staff member’s role and responsibilities
  • explain the probation process
  • introduce the new staff member to key colleagues in the work area
  • introduce the new staff member to the Ready Set Go induction, including compliance education
  • advise where to find information about RMIT policies, procedures and services
  • ensure the staff member has a security pass to access the workplace
  • provide the staff member with the required/appropriate materials such as the local business plan and information about projects and local processes
  • give occupational health and safety information: show where the first aid box and fire extinguisher are kept; introduce the new staff member to the local first aid officers


Within first week of employment

3. Initial induction meeting

a) Discuss the new staff member’s position description, the staff member’s workplan (refer to Managing for performance policy).


Staff member

At the commencement of employment and no later than 4 weeks after commencement.

b) Once the staff member completed the local induction and discussed the position description with their manager, they must complete the induction checklist in Employee self service (ESS).

Manager confirms completion of local induction via ESS.

Staff member


Within first month

4. Completion of mandatory compliance modules undertaken during induction

a) The manager needs to allow time for the staff member to complete the following mandatory compliance online modules:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Online: Module 1 for all staff and Module 2 for staff at HEW 7 / Academic C and above, VE teachers and other staff with supervisory responsibilities.
  • Health and safety
  • The way we work at RMIT
  • Privacy and professional conduct
  • Competition and consumer act (HEW 7 / Academic C and above, VE teachers and other staff with supervisory responsibilities)
  • Regulation in the VET Sector (mandatory for all VE staff including casuals).

NOTE: Completion of the compliance modules is a mandatory part of probation.

The manager needs to ensure the new staff member understands any other relevant policies and procedures.

Staff member


Within first month

b) Human Resources will send an automatic reminder email to staff members who have not completed the mandatory modules within the first month.

The staff member’s manager may be copied into this email.

Human Resources


c) All staff members must complete the mandatory compliance modules once every two years.

Staff member

Every two years

5. Reporting on completion rates of induction

a) Human Resources monitors and reports on the completion rates for staff induction.

Human Resources


b) Human Resources sends a completion list to Heads of Schools, PVC’s and Executive Directors to ensure all induction modules are completed.

Human Resources


6. RMIT induction events

The manager will enrol the new staff member into RMIT’s induction events where they can find out what support and services are available.

The events include an orientation to RMIT and tour of the campuses.


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