08 December 2009

Bundoora campus staff address 8 December 2009

Question and answer session

Q. Work on Building 204 seems to have stopped, has work been completed, is there an update on when it will be open?

A. Work is almost complete and will go into operation for Semester 1 2010.

Q. What works are to be done on the Plenty Road campus entrance and what implications will come from that?

A. Design consultants are being appointed that will undertake initial design of spine and pathway link back to new large tram stop. This may reduce some of the parking bays.

Q. Wireless access is not working in Building 201.

A. PVC (SEH) was not aware that it was not operating.

ACTION: Follow up with John Zylinski and Allan Morris to find out why the wireless is not working.

Q. The air conditioning in Building 215 has not worked properly for the last ten years, when will it be upgraded?

A. Now that is has been brought to our attention Property Service can address the issue.

Q. Some buildings have no air conditioning at all?

A. This depends on the design on some of the buildings especially older ones where you may not be able to install air conditioning systems.

ACTION: Property Services will follow up on these issues.

Q. With the construction of the new Lecture theatre seating 360 students, does this mean we need 360 more car spaces? We are struggling with car spaces and pedestrians as it is, are there plans for more car parking spaces?

A. There have been discussions about possibly putting a car park at the back end of the University however this won’t be for at least 2 years. The new Lecture theatre holding 360 seats does not mean we are growing in student numbers. The purpose of the new theatre is to provide facilities to improve Teaching and Learning. This is an opportunity to improve on seating for larger classes in order to accommodate where large lecture theatres cannot.

Q. I am not aware of any plans for additional car spaces in 2010 – 2011?

A. The master plan draft shows what potential use the University needs. The master plan progresses when each stage is assessed, for instance, what is the plan for buildings and car parks, how many students will come into the University, how will they commute? We will also try and encourage students to travel by public transport.

Q. With the new Lecture theatre seating so many, what will happen if there are only 100 students, can the theatre be divided into smaller areas?

A. No it can’t be divided into smaller areas, the purpose of this theatre is to accommodate large classes.

Q. Will there be management facilities for after hour’s use of the new sports field?

A. Firstly we need to build the sports field then we can look at a management plan. We will communication with the Government for a state funding grant in sporting facilities, to enable us to engage community involvement in the use of facilities could be put forward. Community use of the facilities requires shower facilities etc hence additional funding is needed.

Q. It is important to work quickly to organise management to use the Bundoora Netball and Sports Centre (BNASC).

A. Agreed, there have been long discussions with BNASC for future use. When discussions are final, we have a chance to develop a much stronger management structure.

Q. RMIT recently committed a lot of funding to promote good health for RMIT staff. Urge consideration on the speed of escalators to encourage staff to walk.

A. There is no obligation for staff to take the escalators; they still have the option to walk.

Q. The presentation on Major Projects under Development 3-5 year timeframe is inaccurate, the topics listed will not occur in this timeframe.

A. A lot of the work is on going / planning stages before you can actually do any of the work. These projects have been invested on the development plan so they are now on the capital plan, which means they may happen in the future but may not happen in the 3-5 year timeframe.

Q. What is the rationale of consolidating Bundoora East onto Bundoora West campus?

A. It keeps appearing but is unlikely to happen.

Q. Concern over Building 223 being defined as a research building and staff in this building have not been consulted; does this mean non research staff will be removed from this building?

A. This issue should be raised with the Vice-Chancellor if it is of concern, I am not aware of staff being moved from their space. As three quarters of building 223 is dedicated research space, RMIT sends out a message to external partners to promote where research occurs in the University. A designated research building does not mean that teaching and learning does not occur, the message sent is to promote research to possible external partners.

Q. The library was refurbished some time ago, however have not had further funding for extra accessibility for instance, students find the library a safe place to study but they can’t access the computers on a 24 hour basis.

A. If 24 hour access is offered then what other resources are needed? This is gauged on the number of students that would use the facility, how many computers are available? In order to offer longer access hours the following needs to be considered, additional security, management and access area, extended library hours. Some buildings have 24 hour access to computer areas however the building is locked at 9.00pm, unless the student has a swipe card they are not able to access the area.

ACTION: Add to Property Services discussion agenda for consideration – extended access to library.

Q. Are there plans to upgrade the clock on Building 205 for Academic staff and students to arrive at classes on time?

A. Visual improvement on the clock is to be done in due course.

Q. With the possibility that Bundoora East will not relocate, is it possible to increase the size of class rooms? Currently class room sizes cater for 90 students with class sizes holding 100 students.

A. These classes can be held at the new lecture theatre as there is no plan to increase the size of current class rooms. Schools had raised the issue of the possibility of modifying the seating design to increase the capacity however there is no funding allocated at this stage.

Q. Are there plans for student accommodation?

A. It is highly unlikely that RMIT will build student accommodation. If student accommodation is provided in the area it won’t be built by RMIT. There is currently student accommodation branded for RMIT students in the CBD but not built by RMIT.

Q. Campus safety is a concern with reports around drug activity on campus with cars accessing the car park on weekends. The CC TV in the multi storey car park is not working properly, recommend urgent action required on this matter.

A. This issue will be revisited and put on the discussion agenda. Free accessibility on the campus will need to be addressed.

ACTION: Add to Property Services discussion agenda – Campus safety.

Q. Will the new sports field be unfenced if community access is granted? If so, this will be accessible to vandals damaging the area if unfenced.

A. Property Services is looking into possible fencing.

Q. When will the windows in Building 223 be replaced?

A. These are hand made windows requiring a special order and these orders have already been placed with expected delivery around late January – early February.

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