A student who considers that they have been, or are being treated in a manner which is not consistent with the School’s or Program’s professional placement guidelines should immediately communicate those concerns to their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) practitioner or course coordinator.

Students in Vietnam should also contact the Internship Team in the Careers Development and Employment Office.

Student complaints should be handled using RMIT’s Student Complaints Procedure. This ensures students have access to a process for resolving complaints and that complaints are managed effectively and efficiently.

The following principles apply to student complaint management:

  • all parties to a complaint shall have the right to be heard
  • all relevant submissions and evidence shall be considered
  • matters that are not relevant shall not be taken into account
  • the decision maker shall not be biased or appear to be biased
  • no student shall be disadvantaged or victimised as a result of making a complaint
  • where possible and appropriate complaints shall be dealt with locally at the level at which the complaint occurs
  • high risk complaints including those relating to allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination should be directed to the University’s manager of student complaints in the Academic Registrar’s Office in Australia and the Careers Development and Employment Office in Vietnam
  • vexatious complaints may lead to disciplinary proceedings being taken.


  • student complaints will be dealt with in a timely manner within achievable deadlines
  • the complainant shall be kept informed on the progress of a their complaint
  • details of student complaints shall be known only to those directly involved in its resolution
  • the outcome of student complaints shall be monitored to ensure fulfillment of any conditions.