2012 RMIT Teaching Award winners

Vice-Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr Vanessa Cooper
School of Business IT and Logistics

For an outstanding contribution to teaching excellence over a sustained period that modelled the enhancement of student learning, educational leadership and a holistic approach to the design of curricula, learning resources, assessment and feedback strategies.

Teaching Excellence, Higher Education

College of Business

Dr Vanessa Cooper
School of Business IT and Logistics

For enhancing student learning though creation of a community of inquiry and holistic approach to the design of curricula, learning resources, assessment and feedback strategies.

College of Design and Social Context

Mr Darrin Verhagen
School of Art

For excellence in ten years of teaching practice aligned with industry engagement in the field of Sound Design and composition.

College of Science, Engineering and Health

Dr Nhol Kao
School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

For a learner-centred approach to teaching chemical engineering, emphasising participation, collaboration and active learning, which fosters in-depth understanding.

Early Career Academic (Higher Education)

Sara Moridpour
School of Civil, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

For the use of innovative methods to enhance the quality of teaching in engineering courses.

Dr Siddhi Pittayachawan
School of Business IT and Logistics

For early career commitment in fostering students’ design and critical thinking to address pragmatic issues by developing research methods modules and adopting multiple learning approaches.

Teaching a Diverse Student Body

Dr Catherine Gomes
School of Media and Communication

For successfully implementing teaching practices leading to innovative and strong student-centred learning, engagement and inclusiveness in teaching a diverse student body.

Teaching Excellence, TAFE

Outstanding Teacher / Trainer of the Year

Mr Andrew Webster
Business TAFE School

For developing students’ analytical and critical thinking skills through the use of current legal cases as the basis for a collaborative, constructivist approach to teaching.

Outstanding Teacher / Trainer of the Year (Special Commendation)

Mrs Betty Kanzurovski
School of Fashion and Textiles

For the use of innovative means of delivery to engage student learning.

Early Career Teacher / Trainer of the Year

Miranda Bryant
Business TAFE School

For commitment to designing transformational learning and assessment experiences that develop students’ critical awareness and sense of community through creative and socially responsible activities.

Outstanding Training Initiative of the Year

Ms Xenia Girdler
Mr Anthony Graham
Mr Spiros Soulis

From the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies awarded for collaboration with Sunrise Health to offer the Diploma of Community Services in the Northern Territory, the qualification being specifically designed to meet the needs of workers in remote environments.

Ms Sylvia Baroutis
Ms Anne Stasiak
Dr Peter Waterhouse

From the Business TAFE School awarded for developing a targeted response for a national industry partner to meet their need for relevant, contextualised training specifically tailored for Group Training Field Officers.

Sessional Staff

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (Higher Education)

Dr Jacinta Ryan
School of Management

For commitment to innovative pedagogy and initiatives that inspire, encourage and empower students to observe the world, to reflect and to grow in their learning.

Outstanding Sessional Teaching (TAFE)

Ms Linda Boyce
Business TAFE School

For developing a teaching practice that engages learners through the art of storytelling; marrying theory and practice to develop employability skills in accounting students.

Mr Jim Karakiklas
School of Design TAFE

For inspiring student learning by providing a real-world career perspective and sharing the knowledge and experiences drawn from years of professional practice.

Programs that Enhance Student Learning

Widening Participation

Ms Angela Borrelli
Ms Jane Collins
Ms Dianne Dell’Oro-Morgan
Ms Fang (Karen) Gao
Ms Margaret Hanrahan
Ms Wendy Joseph
Ms Melanie Kyle
Ms Caroline McEnroe
Mr Tim Morris
Mr Peter Murphy
Mr Antonio Pretto
Ms Melanie Reynolds
Ms Bloss Robertson
Ms Baia Tsakouridou

From the School of Education awarded for a successful whole unit approach to improving the learning outcomes of return to study students through programs that support seamless transition to further study.

Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with Other Organisations

Ms Jazmina Cininas
Ms Angela Clarke
Mr Greg Creek
Mr Mark Edgoose
A/Prof Peter Ellis
Mr Simon Perry
Ms Fran Riemsdyk
Fleur Summers
Louise Weaver
Mr Peter Westwood

From the School of Art awarded for a highly successful approach to engaging industry expertise in the design and delivery of work integrated learning in fine art.

The First Year Experience

Ms Lila Kemlo
Academic Development Group, College of Business

Dr Jacinta Ryan
School of Management

For the development of a framework and implementation of an effective, sustainable and successful model of early intervention that enhances student transition, retention and engagement.

Flexible Learning and Teaching

Cathy Brigden
School of Management

For developing visual, hands-on learning tools in occupational health and safety to support and facilitate different learning styles for diverse student groups.

Innovation in Curricula, Learning and Teaching

Ms Jing Cui
Lin Dong
Dr George Lenon
Dr William Lin
Ms Suzi Mansu
Dr Brian May
Professor Charlie Changli Xue
Angela Weihong Yang
Dr Tony Zhang
Dr Zhen Zheng

From the School of Health Sciences awarded for the development of a holistic Chinese Medicine program structure in tertiary education to produce competent practitioners and maintain an exemplary standard of practice.

Postgraduate Education

Dr Paul Gibson
Graduate School of Business and Law

For designing a program that assists postgraduate students to become better leaders through developing the attitudes, emotional intelligence, and key behaviours that underlie effective leadership.

Services Supporting Student Learning

Ms Lila Kemlo
Academic Development Group, College of Business

For development of a cost-effective, sustainable, whole of college peer mentoring program supporting first year and commencing students in their transition and studies at RMIT.