06 March 2014

The Science and Industry Endowment Fund offer new scholarship for RMIT students

RMIT University, through funding from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF), has a new scholarship opportunity for RMIT students – the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Scholarship.

Spanning over 80 years, SIEF continues to provide a vital role in supporting the development of Australian science and scientists. The scholarship awarded to RMIT provides financial support to a student commencing undergraduate study in science/ICT or engineering in 2014, and who is of Indigenous background or located in rural or remote locations and of low socio-economic background.

The recipient of the 2014 scholarship is Xavier Prescott, a commencing Bachelor of Applied Science (Geospatial) student. Xavier attended secondary school in country Victoria and has always had “a strong interest in maps, their use and why humans like to know where they are going and where they have been.”

To Xavier, the Science and Industry Endowment Fund Undergraduate Degree Scholarship is more than just financial assistance – it is the recognition of his hard work through secondary school. It has provided him with the confidence to turn his passion for mapping into a successful career. When Xavier graduates he “would like to work at CSIRO or a similar organisation doing resource management.”

We are proud to work with SIEF in being able to promote the study of science or engineering among groups who face significant financial and/or social barriers to undergraduate study.

Professor Owen Hughes, Dean of Students is “extremely pleased that RMIT University has been successful in becoming a participant in the SIEF Undergraduate Degree Scholarships Program for 2014. The SIEF Undergraduate Scholarship worth $8000 per year will make a huge difference to Xavier’s experience at RMIT.”

For more information about scholarships, visit www.rmit.edu.au/scholarships.

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