Professor Andrea Chester


Deputy PVC, Learning and Teaching

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Design & Social Context Office

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+61 3 9925 3150


Building: 101
Level: 10
Room: 005

City campus


College of Design and Social Context


Professor Andrea Chester is Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor and Head of School at RMIT's School of Education.

Bundoora phone: +61 3 9925 6580


Andrea has a hybrid role, combining the Head of the School of Education with her work as Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching in the College of Design and Social Context (DSC). DSC is one of three academic colleges at RMIT consisting of seven schools and 25,000 students across a broad range of disciplines, with presence in Vietnam, Barcelona, Singapore and China.

Andrea has more than 20 years experience in Higher Education, during which time she has received a number of awards including an ALTC citation, the RMIT award in the Biological Sciences, Health and Related Studies and RMIT Supervisor of the Year.

Andrea is committed to the professional development of academics and teachers and has worked actively to embed reflective practice across the university through the Peer Partnerships program. She has also led the development of a student peer mentoring model in psychology, through the Transition In, Transition Out project.

Professional interests

Andrea is a member of the Australian Council of Deans of Education, the Victorian Council of Deans of Education, HERDSA, ISoTTL and the Australian Association for Research in Education.


  • BA Melb
  • Grad Dip Couns Psych RMIT
  • MA Melb
  • PhD Melb
  • MAPS


Andrea’s research and supervision is focused around two main themes: learning and teaching scholarship and online clinical interventions. She has led and collaborated on several OLT grants and has received more than $1,000,000 in funding, primarily in the area of learning and teaching. Her publications cover student peer mentoring, peer partnerships for staff, interteaching, inclusive teaching and e-learning.


Building Resilience:Developing a resilience toolkit, to assist in preparing built environment graduates for industry employability. Funded by Office for Learning and Teaching Seed Funding 2016-2017

Producing sustainability professionals: assessing graduate attributes in sustainability. Funded by Office for Learning and Teaching Seed Funding 2016-2017

WeLink: Networking students, staff, alumni and industry to enhance employability. Funded by RMIT Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2016

The global canopy: linking international inbound students with domestic outbound students for improved learning and global connections. Funded by Office for Learning and Teaching, Commissioned Project from 2015-2016

Developing a course handover tool to support new course coordinators. Funded by Office for Learning and Teaching Seed Funding from 2014-2015

Collaborative e-learning and m-learning in GP registrar education - a review and feasibility study. Funded by GPET, DoHA from 2013

Peer feedback: Professional development resources for systematic implementation of peer partnerships and peer review. Funded by RMIT Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Professional development: A module for peer partnerships to embed sustainable learning about teaching. Funded by RMIT Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2012

Interteaching: Dissemination and evaluation across three Colleges. Funded by RMIT Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2012

Transition in, transition out (TiTo): Peer mentoring for sustainable development of first and third year psychology students. Funded by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council 2011-2012

Supervisor interests

Learning and teaching scholarship: peer observation of teaching, student peer mentoring, pedagogy, digital learning; online psychological interventions.


Holdsworth, S., Thomas, I., Sandri, O., Wong, P., Chester, A., McLaughlin, P. (2017). The need for the Graduate Attribute Assessment Tool (GAAT). Symposium on Sustainable Development Research in Asia-Pacific.

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Denny, B., Chester A., Brown, J., & Butler, B. (2016). “Let’s not reinvent the wheel”: A qualitative investigation of collaboration in the Australian GP education and training sector. Focus on Health Professional Education, 17 (1), 45-58.

Nicolettou, A., Soulis, A., Seitzinger, J., & Chester, A. (2016). Innovation by design: a strengths-based, data-informed and design-led approach to curriculum transformation. ICERI2016 Proceedings. Valencia: Spain.

Ryan, T., Chester, A., Reece, J., & Xenos, S. (2016). A qualitative exploration of Facebook addiction: Working toward construct validity. Addicta: The Turkish Journal on Addictions, 3, 55-76. doi:10.15805/addicta.2016.3.0004

Ryan, T., Reece, J., Chester, A., & Xenos, S. (2016). Who gets hooked on Facebook? An exploratory typology of Facebook users.Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychological Research on Cyberspace, 10(3), article 4. doi:10.5817/CP2016-3-4.

Chester, A., Kienhuis, M., & Wilson, P. (2015). Implementation of the inter-teaching model: Implications for staff. Innovations in Education & Teaching International, 52, 300-309. doi: 10.1080/14703297.2013.845536

Denny, B., Chester A., Brown, J., & Butler, B. (2015). Australian GP registrars’ use of e-resources. Education for Primary Care, 26, 79-86.

Lauder, S.D., Chester, A., Castle, D., Dodd, S., Berk L., Klein, B …. & Berk, M. (2015). A randomised head to head trial of An internet based self-help program for bipolar disorder. Journal of Affective Disorders, 171, 13-21. doi: 10.1016/j.jad.2014.08.008

Peterson, J.F., Chester, A., Attiwill, S., & Bateman, D. (2015). Scholarship of learning and teaching: Discovery across disciplines. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: Annual Review, 10, 35-50.

Pinto, R., Kienhuis, M., Slevison, M., Chester, A., Sloss, A., & Keong, Y. (2015). The effectiveness of an outpatient Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) group program for a transdiagnostic population. Clinical Psychologist doi: 10.1111/cp.12057

Wingrove, D., Clarke, A., & Chester, A. (2015). Distributing leadership for sustainable peer feedback on tertiary teaching. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice, 12 (3), 1-12.

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