Program examples

Each program will have multiple inherent requirements, encompassing numerous applicable functional domains.

Note: the following programs would have inherent requirements in multiple functional domains. These are single examples for illustrative purposes.

Bachelor of Nursing

In the Bachelor of Nursing program, adequate visual acuity is required to provide safe and effective nursing care during clinical placement. This is required in order to; for example, accurately draw up medication to administer in a hospital context.

Adequate visual acuity therefore would be deemed an inherent requirement of the Bachelor of Nursing program.

What reasonable adjustments may be applicable?

The use of assistive technology (e.g. a portable electronic magnifier) may be considered to support a student’s vision. The applicability of this to the clinical context would need to be discussed prior to the student commencing placement.

Bachelor of Social Work

Students undertaking the Bachelor of Social Work program require mental wellness and behavioural stability in order to manage the complexity of situations they may encounter in a field placement setting in a competent and professional manner. The University has a duty of care to both the student and the public to ensure that any students who undertake a field work placement are safe to do so.

Behavioural stability would therefore be regarded as an inherent requirement of the Bachelor of Social Work program.

What reasonable adjustments may be applicable?

Students may be supported to take time off from their studies if they become unwell or have difficulties with behavioural stability. Professional experience placements may also be deferred where possible, until they are fully recovered.