Assoc Professor Colin Rix


Adjunct Professor

School /
Work Unit

School of Science

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 2621


Building: 003
Level: 01
Room: 002

City campus


Science, Engineering and Health


Diploma of Education, University of Melbourne, 1977
PhD, University of Melbourne, 1972
Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 1968
Diploma of Applied Chemistry, Footscray Institute of Technology, 1966

Teaching / Work responsibilities

Program Leader, Applied Chemistry/Environmental Science
Provide Academic leadership in Inorganic Chemistry
Lecture in Inorganic Chemistry to all levels of Applied Chemistry Program, plus PG supervision

Research Interests

  • Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Toxicology, Analysis with Ion Selective Electrodes, Rheological studies of Biopolymers and metallo-gels, Preparation of layered compounds and metal-oxide sensors.
  • Physico-chemical studies of Biopolymers, such as tannins, chitosan and starch.
  • Nanoparticles.

Industry/professional/community involvement

Member of CRC for Microtechnology

Publications / Other

C.J. Rix and D.C.Donohue,
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Chem. Aust., 72, 17-19 (2005)

R. Clarke, K. Latham, C. Rix, M. Hobday & J. White,
‘Novel copper materials based on the self-assembly of organophosphonic acids and bidentate amines’
Cryst. Chem. Comm., 7, 28-36 ( 2005)

S. Gakias, C. Rix, A. Fowless, G. Wills-Johnson, K. Latham & J. White,
‘A comparison of the intramolecular and intermolecular hydrogen bonding in N,N’-ethylenebis(aminobenzylidene) in the solid state with its salen analogue’
J. Molec. Structure, 737, 69-74 (2005)

L.Q. Tu., C.J.Rix, P.F.A. Wright & J.T. Ahokas,
‘The subcellular distribution of defluorination activity in marsupial and rodent species’
Australasian J. Ecotox’y, 10, 57-63 (2004)

R. C. Clarke, K. Latham, C.J. Rix and M. Hobday,
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