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The Boeing Scholarships are offered to students at RMIT University in support of Boeing's International Education Philosophical Guidelines.

From 2015 the Boeing Scholarship has been expanded to incorporate scholarships for advanced diploma and associate degree students in addition to bachelor degree and masters by coursework or research students currently enrolled in programs of significance or merit to Boeing.

Value and duration

Each scholarship is valued at $4000 for one year.

Group of students with Boeing director

Adnan Raghdo, Director of Engineering at Boeing Commercial Air planes (Australia) with the 2014 RMIT Boeing Scholarship recipients.

Number of scholarships available

In 2015 there are six scholarships available for:

  • one student enrolled in an advanced diploma
  • one student enrolled in an associate degree
  • one student enrolled in a bachelor degree
  • one female student enrolled in a bachelor degree
  • one student enrolled in a postgraduate program
  • one female student enrolled in a postgraduate program.

Note: In the event there are no suitable applicants in a scholarship category the selection panel may re-allocate funds to other categories.


To be eligible for this scholarship all applications must:

  • be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or the holder of a Permanent Humanitarian Visa
  • be enrolled in one of the following disciplines:
    • Aerospace, Aviation, Mechanical, Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering
    • Mechatronics and Sustainable Systems Engineering
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • be available to be interviewed between the 6–10 April 2015.

Advanced diploma applicants must:

  • have completed between 25% and 60% of their current programs minimum nominal student contact hours to apply
  • maintain an equivalent full-time enrolment throughout the duration of the scholarship. Recipients whose enrolment drops below full-time status in either semester may have scholarship funds withheld
  • demonstrate strong academic performance in their current program.

Associate degree, bachelor degree and postgraduate applicants must:

  • have completed a minimum of 48 credit points in their current program
  • have at least 72 credit points remaining before finishing their current program
  • be enrolled in a minimum of 36 credit points throughout the duration of the scholarship (full-time enrolled). Recipients whose enrolment drops below 36 credit points in either semester may have scholarship funds withheld
  • have, at the time of application, a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3 or higher in their current program of study.

Postgraduate applicants must also:

  • be enrolled in coursework or research masters programs only. PhD and Doctorate students are not eligible for these scholarships.

Note: The Boeing Scholarship will be awarded to an individual only once; previous winners of the Boeing Scholarship or Boeing Prize are not eligible to re-apply.


These scholarships will be awarded based on criteria that includes:

  • demonstrated level of disadvantage
  • financial need
  • the impact of scholarship to assist the applicant to achieve their goals
  • the applicants’ motivation and endeavour as illustrated by past academic endeavours
  • career goals
  • responses to questions in the application form.

Academic results will account for 40% of the weighting.

The Boeing Scholarships are managed and awarded by the College of Science, Engineering and Health. The selection panel will be chaired by the Deputy PVC, Learning and Teaching, College of Science, Engineering and Health (or their nominee) and include up to three senior Academics from the College.

How to apply

For the 2015 academic year, apply direct to the Coursework Scholarships Office using the Boeing Scholarships Application Form.

Note: Once you have completed a question online, you cannot go back and modify your response/s.

The application questions are listed below to allow you to prepare your answers in advance (prior to starting the online application).

Program information

Please describe why you believe your program is of significance to Boeing (maximum 600 characters).

Academic achievements

  • Please advise how many credit/points student contact hours you will have completed as of 1 March 2015 (see Total Units Attempted on your academic history in myRMIT/Enrolment Online).
  • If you have a Grade Point Average (GPA), please advise your current program GPA rounded to one decimal point (your program GPA is viewable on your academic history in myRMIT/Enrolment Online.

Your study and future goals

  • Briefly outline what motivated you to study in your chosen field. Give an outline of your post university goals once you graduate from your current program. If you intend to articulate into another RMIT program, please outline your objectives post University (maximum 600 characters).
  • Describe your two best academic achievements or learning experiences in your current program (maximum 600 characters).

Overcoming situations/challenges

Describe a situation or challenge that you have met and overcome (and what you learned from this situation) which reflects one or more of the following: teamwork, professionalism, leadership, volunteerism, imagination or innovation (maximum 600 characters).

Personal situation and finances

Describe how you would utilise a Boeing Scholarship to assist you to achieve your goals (maximum 600 characters).

About Boeing and other interests

  • Tell us what you know about Boeing and how your interests, studies or goals are of significance to Boeing (maximum 600 characters).
  • Briefly outline your involvement in an extra-curricular activity such as student staff consultative committee, student leadership, volunteer, RMIT club or other activity that is in some way related to being a student (maximum 600 characters).

Shortlisted applicants

Applicants will find out in the fourth week of March 2015, via email to their RMIT student email address, if they have been shortlisted for this scholarship. Shortlisted students only are required to submit supporting documentation by Thursday 1 April 2015 to verify statements provided in their application.

Supporting documentation

Do not submit supporting documentation without being officially shortlisted.


Shortlisted applicants who are selected for an interview will be advised in the first week of April 2015 to attend interviews in the following week.

Open and close dates

Open date

For the 2015 academic year, applications open 1 January 2015.

Close date

For the 2015 academic year, applications will close Thursday 12 March 2015.

Terms and conditions

View the Coursework Scholarships Office’s Scholarships and Grants Terms and Conditions (PDF 136kb 16p).

Scholarship payments

Scholarship payments will be made in two parts:

  1. 50% of the scholarship funds will be paid to the successful applicants following announcement of the Boeing Scholarship winners.
  2. The remaining 50% of scholarship funds will be paid following semester two census date (31 August) subject to maintaining strong academic performance and other ongoing eligibility criteria.
    • Failure maintain strong academic performance or to meet the ongoing eligibility may result in cancellation of the scholarship
    • Scholarships cannot be deferred or suspended in any way.

Responsibilities of the successful applicant include that you will make yourself available to attend an RMIT award ceremony, the date of which will be advised. Failure to attend (without extreme extenuating circumstances) may result in cancellation of the scholarship.

Further info

The Boeing Scholarship is offered to students of RMIT University support Boeing International Higher Education Philosophical Guidelines that states that Boeing's will partner with strategically selected colleges and universities to:

  • enhance the skills required for as many students' academic and professional success as possible while improving access for underrepresented populations (includes but not limited to financial need, gender, rural and ethnic minorities) and targeting high academic achievers
  • promote interest in continuing higher education for students, faculty and Boeing employees in aerospace areas of interest
  • increase our knowledge of higher education institutions' intellectual and technical capabilities and their knowledge of our critical skill needs
  • leverage our academic partnerships to enhance Boeing's visibility/ presence in key geographic markets.

The intent of the Boeing Scholarship is specifically to give a large number of students the opportunity to apply for support. In addition, Boeing places an emphasis on supporting vocational education (advanced diplomas), undergraduate (associate and bachelor degrees and postgraduate (masters) students who are under-represented, in financial need and/ or demonstrate high academic merit who have technical or business aptitude.


Coursework Scholarships Office


Mr Rick Ryan
College of Science Engineering and Health

Previous recipients

Boeing Early Career Undergraduate Scholarship

Boeing Middle to Latter career Undergraduate Scholarship

Boeing Female Undergraduate Scholarship

Boeing Postgraduate Scholarship

Boeing Female Postgraduate Scholarship


Scott Denny
BAppSci (Aviation)

Phillip Dang
BEng (MechEng) (Honours)/BBus (Management)

Yoann Strigini
BTech (Computer Studies)

Jason Fu
BEng (MechEng) (Honours)

Kim Tria

Maria Duenas

Saurav Jha

Neelu Shrestha
MEng (ElectricalElectronicEng)


Ashim Panta
BEng (AeroEng)

Nima Shoghi
BCompSci (Security)

Kamil Czerwinski
BEng (AeroEng)/BBus (Management)

Nicholas Vergnaud

Nicola Kloet
BEng (AeroEng)

Alsharif Abuadbba MCompSci

Bo Wan MComputing

Mihoko Abe


Samuel Prudden BEng (AeroEng)

David Kneale BAppSci (Aviation)

Daniel Livingstone BEng (MechEng)

Maneekwan Toyungyernsub BEng (AeroEng)

Sashika Gunawardena BEng (AeroEng)

Veena Venugopal BEng (AeroEng)

Negin Moghadam MEng

Johanne Trippas MCompSci


Cameron Faulks BEng (AeroEng)

Shufang Yu BEng (AeroEng)

Jethro Kairys BEng (ElecEng)

Jashan Ramsurn BEng (AeroEng)

Lucinda Walker BEng (AeroEng)

Juan Rodriguez Guerra MEng (ElecEng)

Alvaro Claure MEng (Management)

Alexandra Poles MAvi (Ind.Management)


Hamish Kerr BEng (AeroEng)

Jethro Kairys BEng (ElecEng)

Holly Alexander BCompSci (Honours)

Aaron McArlein BEng (AeroEng)

Nathaniel Garbutt BInfoTech (Multimedia Design)

Christopher Laba MAvi (Ind.Management)

Sarasi Jayakody MEng (Network Eng)

Rosemary Missier MCompSci

2009 (For students enrolled in the Aerospace, Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering disciplines.)




Undergraduate who achieved excellent academic results in their first year of study in 2008

James Herringer

BEng (AeroEng)

Undergraduate who achieved excellent academic results in their second year of study in 2008

Johanna Austin

BEng (MechEng)

Female students in their first year in 2009 who are from a disadvantaged background and/or regional area and studying a single degree

Claire Haesler and Swetha Indukuri

BEng (AeroEng)

Student from an Australian rural / regional area who relocated to study and were in their first year in 2009

Nathan Snoxall

BEng (AeroEng)

Student from an Australian rural / regional area who relocated to study and were in their first year in 2009 and studying a double degree

Shan Jacob

BEng (AeroEng)/ BBus (Management)

Student in their first year of postgraduate (coursework or research) study in 2009 from a disadvantaged background and/or regional area

Rudaba Khan

PhD (AeroEng) (Research)