Lecture learning spaces

Lecture spaces are designed to support didactic approaches for instructors teaching large student cohorts.


The discursive theatre brings instructors closer to their students.

There are a variety of lecture spaces throughout the university. These include theatres, cinemas, lectorials, discursive and interactive lecture spaces.

  • Interactive and discursive spaces include the ability to move relatively freely throughout the space and allow for student-student and teacher-student engagement and conversation.
  • Lectorial spaces are designed to encourage student engagement in large classes. They allow for the integration of the traditional instructor-led lecture model with the tutorial style engaged and collaborative learning.
  • Lecture theatres have sophisticated AV and IT facilities and some have a variety of informal breakout spaces, providing additional space for collaborative or team-based learning.

Quick guides

Quick guides for lecture spaces in the Swanston Academic Building (SAB).

Virtual tour

The lecture theatre in building 224 (224.1) provides tiered seating for 350 people with two large screens at the front of the theatre and two roof-mounted screens for the presenter’s view.