Naming University facilities policy

Intent and objectives

This policy defines the principles and accountabilities for naming University facilities (buildings, spaces within buildings and open spaces).


The policy applies to all University campuses, buildings and facilities.




To provide clear advice on the criteria and preferences to be considered when naming a University facility.

Policy provisions

1. Every RMIT building has a number.

2. Council may name a University facility to recognise:

  • Significant contribution to the University;
  • Significant contribution to public life;
  • Significant benefaction to the University;
  • Particular historical associations; and/or
  • An activity conducted within the building or space

Spaces which could be considered for naming include: University buildings, open spaces, teaching and learning spaces, galleries, laboratories and sporting or recreational facilities.

3.When considering naming of facilities in recognition of significant contributions to the University or public life, Council will not normally consider a person currently employed by the University or serving on Council. Submissions to Council for naming a facility are to be confidential and not discussed with individuals or their families prior to consideration by Council.

4. When considering naming of facilities in recognition of significant benefaction to the University, proposals to Council must include the amount of benefaction, duration of the naming rights agreement and suggested wording.

5. Naming a University building or space requires the approval of Council.

6. A name will remain in use only for the life of the building or space, unless otherwise approved by Council.

7. Council reserves the right to cancel or reallocate the name of a facility on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor.

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