03 April 2012

Introducing the new leadership team in ITS

Following an organisational review of ITS in late 2011 and a period of transition, the new structure has been finalised and is now fully operational.

The new ITS leadership team is committed to better identifying the needs of staff and students while supporting RMIT’s high quality teaching, learning, research and administrative activities. The ITS leadership team members are:

  • Steven Petrenko - Deputy Director, ICT Engagement and Planning
  • Bernie Broom – Deputy Director, ICT Application Delivery
  • Ben O’Neill – Deputy Director, ICT Infrastructure Delivery
  • Jason Lunghusen – Deputy Director, Client Computing
  • April Weiss – Deputy Director, ICT Service Management
  • Dimi Papadakis – Deputy Director, ICT Program Delivery

An overview of the accountabilities for each Deputy Director is located on the organisational details page.

The recently created Engagement and Planning team recognises that increasing our engagement with the University is fundamental to the successful delivery of the ICT Plan to 2015 (login required). This team features five Senior IT Engagement Managers who are responsible for recognising the strategic drivers of their clients, understanding how their clients want to work in the future and identifying opportunities for the improved application of ICT. The Senior IT Engagement Managers, and the area for which they have responsibility, are:

  • Jim McGovern – Research
  • Colin Webster – Academic and TAFE
  • David Hadley – International and Development (commencing 11 April 2012)
  • Paul Benson – Resources, Governance and Planning
  • Jonathan Goldstraw - CollegesHaHH

If you have any queries about this structure or the engagement function, please contact the relevant Senior IT Engagement Manager for your area.

[Source: Brian Clark, Information Technology Services]

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