26 May 2016

Unimpossible Missions

Showcase your skills, challenge engineering orthodoxies and gain some fantastic career enhancing experience.

General Electric (GE) is inviting you to challenge a popular idiom using GE technology, such as showing how to catch lightning in a bottle or creating a snowball that can survive in hell.

The competition

Unimpossible Missions is a global competition launched by GE for engineering students to think innovatively, challenge conventional thinking, and problem-solve creatively.

The competition wants you to use your intelligence, knowhow, and a toolkit of GE technology, select a common expression or idiom and then describe an experiment that disproves it.

Your idiom should ideally describe something that’s difficult, unlikely or impossible. ‘Catching lightning in a bottle’ is a good example, because catching lightning is something that’s incredibly hard to do. ‘A piece of cake’ is a bad example, because people make pieces of cake all the time.

It helps if your idiom makes a claim. This is because claims can be disproved with an experiment. For example, with the film, ‘A snowball’s chance in hell,’ it makes the claim that snowballs have no chance in hell, which we disproved by immersing one in molten metal and it didn’t melt. ‘At the drop of a hat’ can’t be disproved, because it doesn’t really make a claim.

Your idiom can be from any part of the world. It doesn’t have to be from the US or even be in English.


Up to three students will be selected as competition winners.

  • Two second place winners will be awarded a paid internship* at one of GE’s Global Research Centers (GRC)
  • One grand prize winner will additionally receive a Scholarship* of up to $100,000 USD and a trip* to GE’s New York GRC to see their idea filmed as one of the next Unimpossible Missions

* see rules for full details, restrictions and limitations


  • Submissions closes 5pm EDT 14 June 2016
  • Winners announced August 2016

To enter or for more information, go to Unimpossible Missions.

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