22 April 2015

RMIT scoops two national awards

RMIT was awarded two Good Practice Awards at the recent Benchmarking Leadership and Advancement of Standards for Sessional Teaching (BLASST) National Summit.


Ms Kellyann Geurts, Senior Advisor Learning and Teaching, DSC.


Mr Owen Shemansky, Manager Planning and Resources, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing.

In his explanation of the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing support for sessional staff, Owen Shemansky highlighted the quality administrative management and professional support of its sessional staff that assures that they are provided with timely access to email, Blackboard, and employee self-service. Summit participants had only two comments – AWESOME and WOW!! – to the provision of log-in details to sessional staff within 24 hours of acceptance of their offer of employment.

Kellyann Geurts explained the DSC Connecting Sessional Staff (CSS) program that provides timely, professional learning for sessional staff. Commencing with whole of College symposia, school-based workshops and online resources are designed to suit individual needs. In a tweet in response the initial step of asking sessional staff what support they want included Professor Sally Kift (QUT) stated:

what sessional staff want: not ignorable: hugely valuable feedback from this cohort.

In acknowledging the awards to RMIT, OLT National Fellow Dr Marina Harvey stated:

asking sessional staff what they want and providing sessional staff access to online systems within 24 hours are the first steps in designing L&T professional development and support.

Information sourced from Professor Sandra Jones, Centre for Business Education Research.