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School of Health and Biomedical Sciences

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Building: 223
Level: 02
Room: 053

Bundoora West campus


Science, Engineering and Health

"Mr Donald Harney"

Summary of responsibilities

Don Harney is presently developing a commercially viable synthesis of sodium scymnol sulphate (Isolutrol®, natural therapeutic product from shark bile,) supported by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant.He has extensive experience in natural product chemistry with previous roles as Research Chemist within ICI Australia, synthesising novel pesticides and the process development of animal health products from lab to pilot scale and within Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Organic Chemistry researching organoaluminium compounds.


Master of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry), RMIT University, 1997

Diploma of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry), RMIT University, 1966

Research publications

Harney, D. W. and Macrides, T. A. (1997). A new chiral synthesis of bullfrog bile sterol 5ß-ranol, J Chem Soc Perkins Trans I, 1353-1356.

Harney, D. W., Meisters, A., Mole, T. (1974). Organoaluminium compounds XXIII C-Methylation of alcohols by trimethylaluminium, Aust J Chem, 27(8) 1639-1653.


  • British UK Patent Application GB2187737 Process for the preparations of 2, 6-dihalo-4-cyanophenol esters useful as herbicides.
  • European Patent Application EP0006354 Insecticidal fluoro-substituted pyrethroid esters and compositions.
  • United States Patent Application US4064266 Compositions for killing internal parasites containing 3-tert-alkyl-4-hydroxy-5-halobenzylidenemalononitriles.