Emergency control policy


Policy statement


In accordance with the Occupational, Health and Safety Act 2004, the University recognises its obligation to ensure the safety of employees, students and visitors.

RMIT University:

  • Adopts Australian Standard 3745 - 2002 "Emergency Control Organisations and Procedures for Buildings, Structures and Workplaces".
  • Adopts a positive and pro-active approach to emergency control with the aim of minimising the adverse affects relating to the potential results of an emergency
  • Encourages participation in, and ownership of emergency response procedures to ensure individuals can take part in their own safety management.


The University commits itself to support and provide:

  • An Emergency Planning Committee to attend to the University’s needs in planning and responding to emergencies;
  • An appropriate emergency response process for the control of emergencies and alarms on RMIT sites;
  • Emergency Control Organisations for the control of evacuations during emergencies;
  • Appropriate evacuation procedures and aids for occupants and visitors with disabilities;
  • Appropriate training for all members of Security and Emergency Control Organisations and the provision of appropriate information for employees and students, with emphasis on induction of new employees and persons with disabilities.
  • Information to contractors working on RMIT premises in regard to the emergency procedures used within the University, and their responsibilities;
  • A testing program to check the workings of the emergency control procedures; and
  • A hazard identification program for the regular checking of potential hazards.

Statement of authority

To ensure the commitment is adequately provided for, the Emergency Planning Committee is authorised to develop, review and implement procedures and guidelines as necessary. The committee will report to the Executive Director, Property Services.

In the event of an emergency RMIT activities will be co-ordinated by the most Senior Property Services Officer present as the RMIT Liaison Officer.

Composition of committee

  • Executive Director, Property Services or nominee (Chair)
  • Security Manager, Property Services
  • Engineering Manager, Property Services
  • Manager Client Relations, Property Services or nominee
  • Strategic Projects Managers, Campus Planning, Property Services
  • Bundoora Campus Property Services Representative
  • Brunswick Campus Property Services Representative
  • Principal Injury Prevention/ Risk Management Advisor, People and Culture or nominee
  • Manager Campus Nurse Service, Student Services or nominee
  • Disability Liaison Manager, Student Services Group or nominee
  • Executive Director Marketing and Public Affairs or nominee.

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