Global Studies field education

International field study

The International Field Study is a course which forms part of the Professional Practice Stream in the BA (International Studies) program.

In the International Field Study, students embark upon their largest and most challenging independent academic project since commencing the BA (International Studies) program. The course is both an integral component of the BA program and a mandatory requirement for graduation.

The course complements the International Internship (SOCU 1043) by providing an opportunity for students to enrich their vocational in-country experience through an intensive and interactive field study project. It is therefore preferred, but not required, that the field study and internship be undertaken in conjunction.

Calling for the development of advanced intercultural skills, the field study is appropriate for third-year students and students with satisfactory advanced standing, although special consideration may be given in exceptional circumstances.

International internship

The International Internship is a course which forms part of the Professional Practice Stream in the BA (International Studies) Program.

Internships normally take place across a range of supranational or national government agencies, international business organisations, international aid agencies or organisations that are working in the cross-cultural or language, business or education areas.

The internship provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to:

  • ‘operationalise’ their learnings about globalization, language, cultural diversity and change; and
  • increases their proficiency in a second language or their third language.

For personal or family reasons, it may not be possible for some students to do their international internship overseas - theirs will be done in Australia in a suitable work location.