Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Deliver e-Learning to the Apprentices of Electrical and Instrumentation Trade

Project Leaders

Arvind Sharma

Project Summary

Many apprentices live and work in regional Victoria. For most, it is impossible to attend day class every week. It is also quite difficult to attend block release (10 weeks in a year). There is a strong demand from employers for flexible delivery of training/e-learning to their apprentices and /or employees, particularly to apprentices in regional areas. This project focused on delivery of training to apprentices in the electrical and instrumentation trade using web and video conferencing. In the pilot training sessions using web and video conferencing, it was found that the materials presented to the prospective learners are effective in their clarity, appearance, visibility, backgrounds, animations and on screen drawing. RMIT University conducted a pilot with Industry Partners Adicon and Business South Australia. This provided further confirmation of the effectiveness of the e-learning tools and training approaches developed, including the use of a simulated white board using a graphics tablet connected to a computer, learners’ interaction, and answering workbook questions using Zing technology over the internet.


  • Positive feedback from students that it enables them to visualise the conceptual information and provides a platform to apply real world skills.
  • Interest from the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in a customised version.
  • Project presentations at international industry conferences have generated positive feedback from academics and industry representatives.
  • Introduction of the system into actual class learning and assessment activities in 2010, before a roll out across all geomatics courses at RMIT University in 2011.

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