Linking Lectopia recordings into Blackboard

This staff guide provides an overview of how to link a Lectopia recording into Blackboard.

Adding a Lectopia link

  • Open your Blackboard course.
  • Select the Course Content option from the Blackboard menu and navigate to where the Lectopia link is required.
    Note: The exact location may vary depending on the structure of your Blackboard content.
  • Ensure the Edit View is ON. In Edit View, you have access to add different types of items.
  • Point to Add Interactive Tool to display the list of items.
  • Select Lectopia Link.

Insert the Lectopia link

Image: Insert the Lectopia link in Bb9.1.

  • Click on the Go button to display the Create Lectopia Link Screen.
  • Select the required Unit Name, and then click on the Next button.
  • Select the option to either provide a:
    • Link to all recordings or
    • Link to a single recording, and then select the lecture date.

Create the

Image: Create the Lectopia link in Bb9.1.

  • Click on the Next button, after making your selections.
  • Check the details are correct, then click on the Save button, to finalise the link creation.
  • Click on OK at the Add Link Receipt screen to display the list of Lectopia links in this course. A list of the links is displayed to select and play.

Removing a Lectopia Link

  • Go to the Course Content area where the Lectopia recording link is located.
  • Click on the action link next to the Lectopia item.
  • Select Delete in order to delete this Lectopia recording link.
  • Click on OK at the pop-up window to finalise the removal.

Privacy and Lectopia

To protect your student’s privacy for comments and opinions expressed as part of a recorded lecture via Lectopia, students must be advised that the Lecture Series for the course is to be recorded via Lectopia. It is advisable that you inform your students as part of the first Lecture for the semester, and also include the paragraph

Lectures Online! – Recorded Lectures.

The Lectures for this course are to be recorded using the Lectopia Recording System. As part of the recording process your comments, opinions and questions may be captured as part of the recorded Lecture. Recorded Lectures can only be edited to remove comments and opinions that are expressed either at the beginning or conclusion of the recorded session.

If you have any concerns about your comments or opinions being recorded please see your lecturer before the Lecture begins. Any comments or opinions you do wish to make, but don’t want recorded can always be addressed with your Lecturer after the lecture or at convenient time.

Further information