13 July 2015

RMIT Business Plan Competition

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Congratulations to the teams who made it through to the second round!

The University’s annual Business Plan Competition experiences its highest number of submissions with 35 teams progressing to the second round.

Opened to all students from all campuses, including those from Vietnam and Singapore, 171 teams entered the competition with 35 teams making it through the first round.

Pleased with the outcome and the diversity of entrants is Amy Harrington, Manager, Enterprise Relations at the University. “While most teams are from Melbourne, five are from Ho Chi Minh City, one from Singapore as well as one from Open Universities (based in Western Australia),” Harrington said.

The University’s Business Plan Competition offers students a fantastic learning experience, free seminars, great networking opportunities, and a prize pool of up to $100,000 (AUD) to assist in turning the winning team’s dream into reality.

The entrepreneur–in-residence, Marcus Powe, hosted a Meet your Mentor function recently, pairing those who successfully made it through the first round to an experienced business mentor.

“It’s a great experience to see a whole community of highly successful and influential industry members come together around the competition, to judge, to mentor, and to sponsor,” Powe said.

“These professionals from Singapore, Melbourne and Vietnam, give their time and their expertise to the competition, ensuring that the best and the brightest are identified and rewarded.”

Powe will complete a roadshow of workshops in the coming months in Australia, Singapore and Vietnam.

The successful teams who have progressed to the second round are;

  1. Australia Cafe Bar
  2. Certain Safety
  3. Energizing Communities
  4. Frilly May - Children's Entertainer
  5. GlassAgain
  6. Housemates that connect
  7. Houseology
  8. Japanese Craft Beer Taproom
  9. KISA
  10. likeagrrrl Active
  11. LineUp Apparel
  12. Makeup lessons for those needing it
  13. Mandarin Seed
  14. Maxine McQueen
  15. Nanka Communications Platform
  16. Nebula
  17. Online Oz Craft Beer Retailer
  18. Out of Darkness Webstore
  19. Pickled Advertising
  20. Social delivery service
  21. Street Riders
  23. The C Method
  24. The Mirror Man
  25. The Nguyen Menswear
  26. Tibetan Tea - Tea Cellar
  27. Wave Enterprise
  28. Vietnam and Singapore
  29. Preggo's Hub
  30. VietMedigo
  31. Vageree - Green product and service
  32. UpSpace
  33. The Groomsmen
  34. UHome
  35. Spatula and Whisk

For more information, go to RMIT Business Plan Competition.

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