23 November 2015

ICT plan update

The ICT 2020 Plan is taking shape.

Together with the University’s digital strategy, the ICT Plan will underpin RMIT’s strategic plan to 2020: Ready for Life and Work.

Developed in conjunction with key stakeholders, the ICT plan harnesses information from a number of sources. Technology trends, industry input, independent benchmarking and known capability demand will contribute to the end result and help us ‘win the hearts and minds’ of students. A key focus will be on improving the digital landscape and delivering the technology that will enable us to innovate in this area.

Fundamental to the plan are five goals which will enable delivery of a global model, a better customer experience, a reduction in cost and reduced risk. The ICT goals are to:

  • be an innovative and efficient outcome broker
  • provide best in class digital experiences
  • build simple and secure technology foundations
  • deliver the data to fuel differentiation and decisions
  • ensure consistent global service experiences and systems.

We will keep you posted on the official release of the ICT 2020 Plan.